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God Showed Me My Life's Purpose | Near Death Experience | NDE

May 2024 14

Millions of people have had (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    3:09 ”I felt as if I was being dragged toward it but I didn't feel any fear

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    Not to be a butthead or troll, but this story was already narrated. 😅😅

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    In another similar thing to this on another yt channel had a same story but he was playing tennis got hit with tennis ball and it was the fathers mother?

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    I get so distracted and then annoyed by the background music …

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    All I know is if I signed up for my life such as it is, please commit me.

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    So in Heaven we can read each others thoughts? That is kind of creepy.

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    So comforting and inspiring.

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    this one made me teary as it was so powerfl how we come here to learn but always forget what makes us happy

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    I find each NDE incredible. I love listenign to them. It gives me a glimpse of the other side knowing one day I will return. "There is a deeper Knowledge within you, a deeper Intelligence that is not the product of your being in the world, that is not a construction of social influences and patterns of thought and behavior. It is Intelligence that is in the world, but not of the world. We call this Knowledge because it is related to your experience of profound insight and awareness. Your need for this Knowledge will grow once you begin to entertain a deeper set of questions about your life." ~ A quote from The New Message ~ Volume 1 » The Journey to a New Life » The Awakening

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    Beautiful story. Always uplifting to hear these stories. I have never had NDE, but gain a lot from other’s.

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    Leigh blessings to you and to all who read these words.
    Once a week for giving thanks sounds good, or just write their names (or nicknames) without giving the specifics nor reading it out loud.

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    Regarding your quest about combining channels. I heard your decision to keep it separate. Just want to encourage you with Luke 12:48. Be blessed.

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    I love these stories. It keeps building my faith every day. Thank u. I believe these bear death experiences are meant to be shared so others who don't believe will come to believe.

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    Oh……reincarnation….. yeah THAT'S in the Bible…

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    I love listening to NDE but some stories….hmmmm… are like some brilliant Hollywood movie stories… I don't know… Let's all read the Bible guys. haaystt again Im telling myself this over and over again.

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    Rich: How did you know what I was thinking??

    Woman: Because in Heaven, there are no secrets!

    Rich: Oh…but…then why don't I know who YOU are??

    Woman: Because it's a big secret, silly!

    Rich: Oh brother…

    Woman: Oh GRANDMOTHER, you mean! Listen, in order for you to find your way again, you have to talk to The Father.

    Rich: You mean I have to talk to God? Isn't he too busy to talk to someone like me?

    Woman: God is NEVER too busy for his children.

    a few minutes later

    Rich: I was told that I needed to see you so I could get back on the right path, Father…

    God: Do you mind, I'm a little busy right now. Come back again in a few milennia!!

    Rich: Oh brother…

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    It good to be reminded that we are here for a purpose.

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    Wow – i appreciate the share. I also appreciate 2 Timothy 1:7. I've lived with fear for so long. I feels right to release and remember the truth – Power, Love and Sound Mind.
    Please consider keeping the donations daily after the NDE. Somehow it reminds me to be kind and charitable in my daily walk.

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    Thank you Lee!! I love your voice and your narrative, it’s so soothing and comforting ❤️

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    Wonderful. Thank you.

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    It’s a little bit difficult for me to believe that his mom had never spoken of or showed him a picture of his grandmother. That was weird.

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    Hi Lee glad to hear you’re back 🤗👍

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    Thank you for sharing your NDE ..this is kinda not biblical. But God can do all things .

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    I love how Rich commented about the 'grandma pitches' and his grandmother guided him in his NDE. Also how cool is our Father!?!

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    The whole language about contracts I found disconcerting…I realize the bible uses the word convent and so forth…the word contract resembles a business deal rather than relationship built on innate trust and love. A formal agreement must be preexist before one comes to Earth…we can use our imaginations as why this is the case; however, I think we have a general idea.

    Also, the idea of "wanting" or "desiring" something in heaven is odd to me…this NDE account described wanting to be a baseball player or play baseball. I guess you cannot do that in heaven? To consider the idea that Earth has something you want or cannot have in heaven is both intriguing and problematic. In a very loosey-goosey way, it is as if you are not free in heaven, like you are free here to experience things.

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    I'm starting to think one of my dreams is a memory from before I came to Earth😮❤

    I cannot tell you how much these uploads give me peace. Thanks again!

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    Nice channel 🎉🙏

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    Wow….Loved this NDE! God Bless everyone and be safe. We are all God’s children and were spirit beings before we became flesh. ✝️✝️✝️

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    Ughhhh another reincarnation one!!!! Hate it hate it hate it!!!!

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    Always great the tears roll you guys never disappoint me man hope thank you

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    The only thing that gives me strength, faith and hope are these experiences. Bless you all!

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    Wonderful account of a life-changing experience. I know of someone who had a similar encounter after falling and hitting his head. He found himself face-to-face with Jesus, who told him he was on the wrong path because of some destructive habits.

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    I like listening to these, I just wish you would get straight to the story and leave the like subscribe bell icon stuff for the end.

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    Lee, I’d love to hear more (similar) NDE’s say 5 play back to back.

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    Great narration, as always.
    IMHO, it's nice to hear a verbal 'thank you' when we donate. It's encouraging.

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    My NDE about 4 months ago now, in the ICU from a very nasty Pneumonia, had absolutely nothing to do with any Jesus or Mohammed or anything religious.
    It was just pure consciousness without thought. It was very similar to what the Buddhists describe actually. Nothing religious about it in anyway shape or form.

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