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Former Muslim Dies & Sees Jesus & Gets a Life Review | NDE

May 2024 09

Millions of people have had Near Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    To have everlasting life you absolutely must trust in the person and finished work of Christ alone for salvation 💓.

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    I enjoyed the video. I am sharing. Thank you fir sharing.

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    Why don't you let him tell his story.

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    We are all connected, all made of the same Spirit.

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    Couple of things i noticed. 1. He claims he saw Jesus but the being never called itself Jesus. Sounds like he put a religious spin on an experience where if you listen to others who have NDE'S tey see similar things and beings but never say it was Jesus.

    2. He judged himself and his own actions he was never judged by anyone other than himself.

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    This sounds like it's been contrived

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    I am not sure about this one. I can believe the encounter with Jesus, but many Muslims have great respect for Jesus and are dedicated to prayer and service. One of the first rules in Islam is to be polite toward God and others, which admittedly is not upheld by extremists, but that goes for all religions. Christianity has a terrible history on that score. I was disappointed to hear him talk about feeling that his past before his encounter was all darkness, when he said previously that he was surrounded by love and support when he was growing up. "Where charity and love abide, then God is truly there," so there had to be the hand of God in his upbringing, too. The comments told nothing about ambivalence, sorting out the experience, even rejecting it at times, which seems to be the hallmark of a true encounter that is incredibly different and better from what one has been taught to know, or not expected at all. Most NDE'ers and visionaries have struggles coming to terms with the experience. Maybe the speaker chose to edit out those parts of his story to create more of a testimony, but it rang hollow for me as a result.

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    I hate how religion imposes itself on other people of a different religion. If God gave us free will then who we follow, whether we're spiritualists or not religious at all is perfectly ok with god. It is a human belief system, not of god that insists that other people follow( in this case) christianity.

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    Thank you so much!

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    Good to know that it's possible for Muslims to be given a chance to convert after death, especially if they grow up without having been preached to or witnessed to properly.

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    Yes because islam must believe in Jesus and Mary they are having a long page in quran.

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    I also wonder, if Jesus was God, since christians are also believe in the prophethood of Abraham, Isaac, jacob, moses etc, then who were their God? Since these prophets came before Jesus. Why don't Christians worship these prophets' God? It is so confusing to me.

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    Wow, there are no words to express how grateful I am to have heard this message ❤ I love Jesus with all my heart and soul. I’m 64 as well and have walked a long time on this earth. I’m tired and a little weak but I know that I have to be strong and continue to fight the good fight for our Lord and our fellow man. It’s messages like this that renew my soul and remind me that I am not alone! God bless you all. Much love, Diane

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    Be a beacon of hope in a world that is so often shrouded in darkness. <3

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    Wow. Truly amazing!🙌🙌❤️

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    Twas a good story but I don’t buy the whole seen Jesus part

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    Beautiful, thank you for sharing.

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    In my prayers, I always remember that all Muslims become Christians. More and more, I hear them coming to Christ, and that gives so much joy. Praise to Lord Jesus Christ, our savior.

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    Thank you always Lee ❤

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    That was beautiful

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    What a profound experience!! Thank you Leigh for another wonderful narration!! Big hugs everyone!~Christy 🦋

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    Love, love, love this NDE. Thank you Jesus🙏

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    God can't be man ..because he is creator and shouldn't be similar to his creation ..
    God is one not 3 in 1 .
    God should not die .
    God shouldn't has a son because having kids it's a human quality ..and the Almighty God doesn't need someone because he already has everything in the entire universe ..
    This is the correct islamic concept of God .
    There is no God but Allah , and Jesus is his messenger to mankind ..

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    This guy needs to write a book!!

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    Touched me deeply

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    Shalom lilbro, I loved it! Thank you so much!! Keep inspiring in Jesus name!!!

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    How would one knows what they saw was Jesus. No one during our time has ever met Jesus. How Jesus looks like is what being depicted is pictures/statues, but all look different according to their race.

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    Amazing story ❤

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    If you eat, wear, or use any animal or animal products, you share the responsibility for every event in that animals life;

    The grief at the loss of its children;

    The frustration at its imprisonment;

    The hopelessness at the absence of a normal healthy life;

    The Dread, pain and terror of its death;

    That is NOT love.

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    Hmm, the fact that a Muslim encountered Jesus in the Afterlife, actually serves to prove that the Afterlife does exist. I mean…If these experiences were just a fabrication of our minds, wouldn't it have more logic that this man saw Allah or the prophet Muhammad?

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    Thank you, Leigh for this inspiring account!

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    Hi @heavenAwaits (Leigh) , Thank you for creating this channel and this story. Very touching.
    I was wondering who this is? Did he write a book, or perhaps email you his story?

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    I loved it. Real truth in this account

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    I too had an NDE with our God and Father, Jesus!!! All glory to him!!

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    I listened very acutely because I have had a significant interaction with muslims in my soon to be sixty four years also.
    I have seen and understand that some muslims clearly connect service to others with serving God. This is a true concept. God and Jesus love all of humanity and are very able to help us improve, especially when we do as this dear man is doing!
    I have long maintained that submission is only half the formula. It must be submission to the reality, to the truth. Jesus was in very fact who he needed to be. Or, the reality is that we are in
    The clutches of the enemy.
    Thankfully, Jesus is the bread of life, the living water And yes, the living appointed One to get us safely to our eternal home, whatever our beliefs be. They are capable and long for our progress and safe return!
    Submission to The Truth. This requires revelation, openness to correction, Receptivity to God and His Paths.
    I believe the experience that this man had. I truly salute his courage in the face of all the resistance and hate that was his lot.
    God be praised because of the gloriousness.And wondrousness and fidelity of his only begotten son in the flesh, The One, Jesus and Because of wonderful people Like this dear man, wow. Thank you for this video and for allowing comments.

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    To many " every fiber of my being"…

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    Jesus is King!! Thank you.
    Our God is always working. Amen.

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    Religion doesn’t matter. God loves all, no matter what your views are in this physical reality

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    What a beautiful testimony. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    That was a Great one. I really enjoyed it.

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