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Exclusive Interview: Novi Brown On How To Embrace Your Spirituality As A Black Woman + Astrology

May 2023 03

In this exclusive interview, writer and creator of Work The Magic Within Savannah Taider sits down with actress and astrologer Novi Brown to discuss spirituality, astrology + the astrologer’s new web series ‘Conversation & Constellations’.

Keep up with Novi Brown:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/iamnovibrown
IG: www.instagram.com/iamnovibrown

What to listen for:
1:24 Things That Prompted Novi Brown’s Intentional Self-Discovery Journey
6:20 Why Novi Lost Faith In Her Journey
15:20 Novi’s Take On God & Astrology
20:02 The Most Life-Changing Lesson That Novi Has Learned From Astology
20:49 How Novi Manages To Live Her Mystical Truth As A Black Woman
23:39 Tips For Black Women On How To Live Their Truth
26:49 The Birth Of Her New Web Series ‘Conversation & Constellations’
30:20 How Novi Came Up With The Idea For The Show
34:53 Novi’s Hopes & Dreams For ‘Conversation & Constellations’
36:49 What It Took Spiritually-Speaking To Make The Show
39:50 Where Does The Show Shows Up On Novi’s Astro Charts?
41:00 How Does Novi Know That She’s On The Right Path?
45:30 Novi On Giving Back To Her Community
49:29 How Novi Sees The Future Of Esoteric Tools & Practices

✨ About Work The Magic Within ✨

Work The Magic Within is a gateway into the journey inward. It’s a modern online spellbook that’s uniquely and intentionally written for women, especially women of color, to assist and inspire them on their quest for self-discovery and finding where their magical powers to manifest their dreams into reality hide. The magic we make in real life as well as on this platform is that of lightworkers. It draws on the forces of the Universe to transform the darkness into light, the invisible into tangible. It eases the soul as it brings awareness and mastery. It helps connect with our authentic selves, all so that we can ultimately become the enchantresses of our lives.

Of all existing techniques, our favorite ways to practice magic are by using written incantations (storytelling, essays or affirmations in the modern world) added to some deep self-reflection. Knowing ourselves to the core, understanding how we function or respond to life, and more specifically why, is magic basics, and there’s an everlasting soulful power to words that simply feels natural to use when it comes to documenting these moments of self-reflection and eventually pass on the wisdom that they come along with.

Whether it’s through its exclusive interviews, how-to articles, personal essays or divine guidance, Work The Magic Within aims for its content to leave a mystical trace on your soul, let out the goddess in you, and lead you farther in your own spiritual realm.

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    I would love to collab! This interview was awesome 👏🏾

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    Savannahhhhhhhhhh this was so wonderful my girl. Keep up the great work. This is such your purpose. definitely grew from this…

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    Yesssss this interview was amazing! I love novi. I remember when I first found her channel during the pandemic. Her videos have taught me so much. You will bring so many wonderful people on here who are meant to be here with such beautiful stories to tell, but beyond that it’ll be people that are in perfect alignment with your energy and viewers. I’m excited about it. Thank you Savannah💕

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    Wow…your guest line up is always wonderful

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    Excellent job doing this interview on Novi. I noticed how you allowed Novi to speak the way she needed to without interrupting. This is a great gift you have because the messages that come through are things people need to hear. Excellent job to both of you awesome ladies 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    Beautiful. Johanna Sparrow books.

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    Love this, it confirmed a lot of things that I felt. Thank you 🙏

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    Wow Novi , I’m sag sun , cancer rising, Taurus moon , that’s why You my fav Sista 🤣❤️

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    This was so beautiful

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    I love Novi💚💚💚💚💚

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    I needed to hear every piece of this🙌🏾

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