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ER Doctor has NDLE; Is TAKEN to HEAVEN & Shown the SECRETS of Healing the HUMAN BODY! | Anoop Kumar

Apr 2024 23
ER Doctor has NDLE; Is TAKEN to HEAVEN & Shown the SECRETS of Healing the HUMAN BODY! | Anoop Kumar

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encourages audiences to rethink the relationship between mind and body in a way that informs the moment-to-moment experience of our lives. He communicates this vision through the lens of the Three Minds–a framework that declares consciousness to be fundamental and matter to be its product. Anoop is the co-founder of Health Revolution, a company that is shifting the state of society from dis-ease to healing, and he is the host of the Healing is Possible podcast. He is board-certified in emergency medicine and holds a master’s degree in management. He is also the author of two books, Michelangelo’s Medicine and Is This a Dream?

Please enjoy my conversation with .

0:00 – Episode Teaser
1:06 – Life prior to
4:11 – The Story
8:47 – What is the purpose of the ?
11:16 – The ball of fire in
19:28 – The after effects of the NDE
28:03 – The aftershocks of the NDE
33:21 – Self awareness
41:47 – What are Ascended Masters?
48:34 – Past Lives
50:49 – Lesson learned from the NDE
51:57 – Living a fulfilled life
52:04 – Advice to young Anoop
52:10 – Definition of God or Source
52:16 – Ultimate purpose of life
52:20 – Anoop’s work
53:33 – Final Message

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  1. #1

    Want to watch a FREE Masterclass to take your Mind, Body, & Spirit to the next level?
    πŸ‘‰ https://nextlevelsoul.com/free/

  2. #2

    I wish everyone who was so unfortunate to end up in the ER opened their eyes to this radiant soul! I totally resonate with his spiritual perspective. Thank you for the great interview!

  3. #3

    Alex, thank you for your podcasts. They are riveting, expansive and very informative. In appreciation; namaste…

  4. #4

    Thank you both I really enjoyed this discussion, cheers from Melbourne Australia

  5. #5

    thank you. I have been getting so much clarity from time in Nature and prayer. I 100% agree that the emergency is that folks have no idea that they are. In addition to propelling all addictions, technology has taken folks from God/their own spirituality. We are LOVE and all we are supposed to do is love one another.

  6. #6

    β€œIt’s not spirituality anymore. It’s just life seen at greater depths.”

  7. #7

    Im sorry but he’s sooo attractive 😍

  8. #8

    God is so good.

  9. #9

    What's ndle?

  10. #10

    He's cute…both are handsome πŸ˜…

  11. #11

    Beautiful interview and so authentic!!! Loved it!!!

  12. #12


  13. #13

    When I had mine it was so spiritual that it was so wonderful I didn’t want tell anyone! If someone had tried tell me I was wrong it would have crushed me! Thank you for telling us your story!

  14. #14

    The only words that I can use to describe Dr. Kumar are beautiful soul!

  15. #15

    This was simply beautiful❀ great flow of questions and answers, i really enjoyed this episode.
    Loved Dr. Anoop's clear, simple and well centered approach to life, to things….happy to have seen this❀❀❀

  16. #16

    ENERGY πŸ’₯🌈πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ NEVER πŸ’ DIES πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡…..
    🌏🌍🌎 FROM ♾️ PHYSICAL 🎢 TO πŸŽ‡πŸŒŒπŸŽ‡

  17. #17

    Exactly harmonious balance!

  18. #18

    Yes! I just recently started to show these messages more frequently and the universe has been giving me some very interesting Earth angels!

  19. #19

    Exactly, I take this beautiful little message and write it on little pieces of paper and share them with whoever I come in contact with.

  20. #20

    Yes I understand about the process and I'm so grateful that I continued in spite of the stumbling stones.

  21. #21

    The message I received is this:

  22. #22
  23. #23

    Lost my son . 24 years old .
    It’s so painful.
    Will I see him again ?

  24. #24

    Sounds like deception

  25. #25

    We are being poisoned daily by what we’re eating and drinking……….organically produced food and clean water are absolute musts…….πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  26. #26
  27. #27

    Fantastic interview….episode….whatever lol ….this was excellent! I am SO glad to have found this channel & SO many of your guests, I have started following. Great life-changing information Alex….keep it up!! Thank you!!! πŸ’œ

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