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Dr. Sebi VS Dr. Llaila Afrika . There Is No Comparison

Jan 2023 16

Now that both Dr. Sebi & Dr. Llaila Afrika have moved into the next phase of existence, some may begin to wonder which of our elders was the better healer/teacher? In this video I will share my opinion, and show you some of the things growing in the backyard

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    Your Generosity towards my infection called Herpes virus is Incomparable. You assured me of getting healed and surprisingly after 14 days of taking the medication I ,tested Herpes Negative. Thanks .#drehimen I will keep letting the world know about your YouTube channel ''''…..

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    Too many people follow Dr.sebi but not Dr.Afrika I'm tired of it.

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    just combine the 2 and learn both are healers and very vital to our culture and community.

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    Why even compare ? They both brought information that was needed in our community. I’ve learned a lot from them both. There’s no need to compare. We need to get out of that habit. The fact remains, That neither one are no longer physically with us. We’ve lost a tremendous amount of holistic doctors over the years(you know why). Instead of putting them against each other, let’s take their work and expand it. ✌🏽❤️⚖️

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