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Dr. Llaila Afrika – Rebuilding Black Lives, Relationships & the Psyche of our Race (Full Video)

Dec 2022 06

openupyourmind101 – black culture Dr Llaila Afrika forming the foundations for our future generations. Expressing our identity and feelings. The psychological barriers of white supremacy and oppression stopping the progression of black people. Moving towards a revolution for our people, how to approach and manage our problems, seeking knowledge. Unmasking our true personality, ancient history, virtues, and beliefs. Living life with MAAT, practice of truth. Communication and bond between health and the physiology of our bodies (dna). Teaching ourselves the academics and mechanisms of our thoughts and actions. Helpful information and exercises basic methods for understanding self development, language, character and survival of our black culture.
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    Dr Afrika the great one.

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    Got alot of Love for Dr Afrika

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    Another thing that is so frustrating about being a bastard and raised by a single parent is I will never really know anything about the paternal half of my inheritance. I am so upset and I wish I had someone to.

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    When I listen to these talks I feel so horrified and angry because my dad is an alcoholic and recovering crack addict and I'm a recovering addict( clean 2 years) I am really starting to open my eyes to the level of damage I suffered in my mothers womb and as a child. I have anxiety, heavy periods, depression and dark moods, drug and alcohol addictions IBS and lactose intolerance, and food allergies and I really pity myself some times. I have been vegan now for a year and a half and my veganism is my way of asking HOW CAN I GET OFF THIS DAMN PLANTATION!

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    To be African-centered you must know Africa

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    "Open Heart Closed Mind"
    by Decompoze

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    Congrats to the interviewer!! Most of the time those women ruin every interview

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    So glad they let him talk this time. ..Great information

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    This guy is not well informed,, he doesn't understand the deeper meaning in things and is quite ignorant to the reality he lives in and that is sad. it's unfortunate that so many people take his videos as factual evidence and /or truth.

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    32:00 Kind of reminds me of the movie The Toy by Richard Pryor. The rich would send their bad kids to Richard Pryor or the black community in order to be disciplined and gain wisdom. Damn, that's some interesting stuff.

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    We are not in are natural environment as Black people, so are behavior is going to be skewed in some form or another and it's primarily do to the polluting of the soil, food,air, water, radiation from technology and toxicity of non-blacks. The only way we as Black people can embrace are Blackness is to separate from non-blacks but it begs the question where do we go to get away from the enemy? Their all over the earth.

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    want to know the vibration of the word god you can see it on my channel share the show please.

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    It not a sin to look at a Black woman's body as long as your intention is to get into a responsible relationship with her and get to know her. I agree with Dr.Llaila Afrika that we as Black men should start looking at a sisters face first which speaks of the spirituality and sexuality, nevertheless I can't help but notice the natural curves on a sister.

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    Yes yes nice one

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    our mind has been colonized

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    acceptance is key

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    On point as usual!

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