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Dr. Llaila Afrika | Do’s & Don’ts of Food Combining, Rest, Sleep, Clothing

Apr 2024 21

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    I would like to add ~ Get your barefeet on the earth

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    God Bless Dr.Africa

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    Thank you king for your knowledge ✊🏽👑👑🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

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    Where can I find that chart

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    What's the books would love to purchase

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    What does he say about promoting sleep.

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    Thanks for sharing all these videos, much appreciated for all the wisdom and knowledge. Where is the link for the Parton?

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    My guy mad hours downloaded in the psyche

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    Bring things back to restoration fr 🧘‍♂️😶‍🌫️🐍😈

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    I respect Dr.Afrika and he’s right and Sebi always preached,” 80% of healing is mental. Your mind controls your health with sensible eating, changing your vibration, exercising, rest, herbs and plenty of water. We can heal any disease from mucus.
    Peace to the God ancestors Dr. Laila Afrika.
    Take notes millennials.

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    -Don’t drink Water with your Meals….
    -Eat 4 hours before bedtime
    -Biter acid fruit don’t mix well with Sweet fruit
    -wear natural fibers on clothes so your skin can breath also not so tight

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    I hate I did not get a chance to meet Dr. Llaila Africa in this life. I plan on spending a lot of time with him when I transition. He is bar-none the best Nutritionist/Doctor we have had the pleasure of witnessing.

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    I’m just curious. I’m a fan of this guy and Dr. Sebi, but all this diet stuff these guys still couldn’t cheat death. I personally changed my diet drastically because of these brothers because they were trying to keep us from being a prescription drug slave/zombie. My grandma lived to be 92 years old and ate breakfast, lunch and dinner the “Pig” just confused how she died practically from old age. Much blessings to everyone on this battle field👏🏿

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    Always looking forward his videos 👍🏿

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    Thanks again for the wonderful uploads👍🏿

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    Sirius times my favourite tv station

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    Is it possible we may get the rest of this video? This is valuable info to is copper skinned individuals!! Also thanks for this upload!

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    Thanks, only thing I disagree with is eating food as bland as possible. Herbs and spices are good for us too.

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    I hate to be that guy but is eating non cooked and seasoned food feasible? I'm plant based but even raw vegetables are hard to eat by themselves on the regular….

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    So food control and mind control is the name of the game. We are born in Hell, and so called sin is all around us set up by the same beings responsible for food control and mind control! ☑️

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    Dr. Llaila Afrika is the only one IV heard talking about food combinations. The 1st awareness of this is reading Professor Arnold's books, "Rational Fasting" & "Mucusless Diet" reprinted in 1920's
    R.I.P. Llaila Afrika✊🏿👽

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    🎤thank you!

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    Thanks Again for these videos. Always informative. Keep up the Good work!!

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