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Dr. Llaila Afrika- Diabetes: Sugar Demon

Feb 2023 05

Dr. Llaila Afrika- Diabetes: Sugar Demons.

Dr. Lllaila. O. Afrika is a Doctor of Naturopathy, lecturer, nutritional consultant and historian, author who has been guiding people how to be healthy for over two decades and has healed thousands of people along the way. Dr. Afrika lectures on dozens of topics. He contends that good health does not belong exclusively to any culture or race, but is a human right and product of nature.-

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    👮‍♀Appreciated, Thank you🙏 – Jesus Christ Is LORD, Saviour & KING; He is KING of Kings & LORD of Lords; THE HERENOW Resurrected KING, Eternal HE Reigns, Unto the eternal glory of The MOST High; GOD, ABBA Father; Alpha & Omega, I AM That I AM.🔥👑🌳

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    I'm still in disbelief…rest easy Dr.

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    Third eye power

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    Excellent presentation!!!

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    Gather information and move on. This does not say, Debates. To be smart enough to know that basically he is saying, sugar in everything is not serving any purpose but addiction and gentrification to destroy blood(lines). Sugar is a legal opiate. Not the plant, the processing of the plant.

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    I wish he talked about soy I don't know if it's really safe it's listed as the last ingredient in my peanut butter cookies

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    oh my GOD!! … MOTHER … F*****ER!!!!!!!!!! …… =o … Sugar is a HELL OF A DRUG! …

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    So hol' up is it a dietary mistake  if  we  take in any sugar at all specifically  if its from a sugar cane stalk, or organic cane  sugar, or turbinado sugar in the raw. Oh I know what they gonna say processing and wid the cane stalk export from the caribbean.

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    Oh my God!!! Thank you for this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i have a acid and alkaline food chart its a really good guide on eating healthy and you can keep track on your acid/alkaline consumption e mail me at ahmensuten@yahoo.com and ill send it

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    does dr africa and dr jewel pookrum really have list of foods to eat?
    and how do we detect genetic modified foods?

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    Let's create families with borthers and sisters who's mind, body, and soul has been healed by the words and works of Dr. Afrika…a 100 more Dr. Afrika like minded brothers = a sane and humane nation

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