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Dr. Llaila Africa Dr. Melanie Stevenson & Lloyd Strayhorn: Healthy Live In 2016 & Beyond

Apr 2023 02


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    How the fuck u get 15 dumbs down for this… Excuse me lango…

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    The Queen has spoken.

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    The fibroids issue is dealing with so much more than diet.

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    Could you please shut the music off!

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    Great info!!! Buttarum why buddy keep touching another Man's wife?

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    There are no restrictions in what we should eat.

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    Does the music need to be playing,are you hip-hop dudes for real,touch take away from the message this shit is comedy.

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    Aw man, I like her husband but she's my Gurl!!!

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    KFC made with spelt flour dough and fried in grapeseed oil or an airfryer, is a game changer.

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    What's in hair glue, hair dye, perms, makeup, perfumes, deordermenet. I do not use them.

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    "Everybody have a right to kill themselves."

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    I want to thank y'all for the gold nuggets also I have to caveat to what Queen Stevenson said about leaving protein on the counter and it developing a bad smell also transitioning it to the trash can where it continues; will this be the case with holistically grown soil free protein, also when transitioning the food to our compost how much do we in turn spend on trash services? Food for thought thanks again and looking forward to hearing more gold nuggets. Plant based blessings!

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    I follow her husband, first-time hearing her I love her…

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    Where can I get King Simon's life hat

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    Black men need to do kegel exercises to strengthen your prostate. Look up Kegal exercises for healthy prostate in google search engine.

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    what he's in Indiana

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    hey stop touching somebody's wife all the time. damn it bruh, keep your handsto yourself

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    in 1998, Dr. Africa gave me a concoction for a health condition I had since my teens.. that doctors could not cure. three months after taking his prescribed herbs, that issue was gone and I have not had a problem with it to this day.

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    The misdeeds of A Bambaataa (sp) lead me to this channel …the universe is strange in that respect. A heinous situation lead/awakened me to vital info, leadership & various ideologies key to advancement of our community. Been binge watching, subscribed & thank you.

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    where you get cabbage juice from

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    Great stuff.. and she's real pretty!

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    But some links in the description box please!

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    Is that a code name for penis?

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    I follow Dr sebi don't eat meat it's no good

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    Long Live Sa Neter Tv

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    I had the absolute pleasure and honor to speak with Brother Lloyd a week or so ago, Brother Afrika a couple to few weeks ago and Sister Melanie a couple months ago and they were PHENOMENAL! I retained valuable information in regards to the significance of the numbers that correspond to my being from Lloyd, received a very enlightening "interview" from the Sister in relation to my finances, employment, family and former relationship, and also a "no holds barred" consultation from the Dr. Afrika. I highly recommend their services!

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    message my sisiter, blessed to you

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    lol nobody ass gets a pass

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    lol Lloyd said "the year never you mind". Dr Afrika got 45 years experience. some of us, his wife included, wasn't even born when he was teaching. 😂😂

    anyway RAHSPEKT to all of them. Black people's health needs an overhaul. population control starts with food poisoning. I think the high fructose corn syrup and gluten are the biggest culprits.

    King Simon your energy is amazing!!!! you always seem happy.

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    Why do you people give this dumbass community members the Dr. title? This so-called Dr. Melanie stated at 4:23 eat your vegetables with your carbohydrates. Vegetables are carbohydrates you fucking dumb bitch. Your body produces hydrochloric acid to help digest meat and other dense foods. Acid reflux is easily fixed with sodium bicorbonate also known as baking soda.

    People stop listening to people who don't have formal education meaning an undergraduate or graduate degree. It takes 4 to 5 years for an undergraduates, 2 to 3 for a masters, and 4 to 7 years to get a doctorate degree. This is the only way a person can receive the Dr. title. MD-PhD or PhD are the only ones to receive the Dr. title dumbass community.

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    great video all the way through!

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    King Simeon could sell ice in the winter and fire in hell lmao.

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    im about to throw away all my food and start over

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    Dr Laila Arfika Found a Precious Earth Magnet When He Met Her(Dr Stevenson).

    Afrikan women, TAKE NOTES

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    Dr.Melly Mel I see you. Great Info.

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    Good group of teachers first time getting hip 2 ms stevensons

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    Yeah, you can't force people to eat heathy. To each it's own.

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    his wife is gorgeous

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    Loveeeeeee it great one here Sa. Peace brother.

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    Papaya. No ketchup or spaghetti sauce.

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    A big shout out to brother Afrika and his queen..I fully support them. I advise everyone who wants to stay healthy to take organic hemp powder with colloidal silver. 4 tablespoons of HEMP and a a teaspoon of CS. That will keep you SOLID.

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    Nobodies ass gets a pass…lmao

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    Black Power, God SaNeter. Info right on time. But… G, you was TRIPPPIIIINNN on that 2nd live broadcast last week lol

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    for acid reflux drink cabbage juice@sa neter. "Google it motherfuckers". -young pharoah

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    14:0515:20 sisters need to take notes. This is the way every strong man wants his woman to feel, talk, and think about him. But in the same light, brothers that take like "serious" will attract women that take them serious.

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    Lloyd Strayhorn is the truth.

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