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Dr Afrika on How to Live Your Best Life

Apr 2024 10

Location: Tikeyah Regenerative & Wellness Center,
Website: www.Tikeyah.com
Recorded & edited by: @BlackDollarXTV


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    Watching this from THE MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON here in Uganda. This is seriously expensive knowledge ❤ Asheee….

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    I wish I could have met Dr. Afrika. I will meet him in Heaven

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    It's extremely unfortunate that Black females have submitted to being sex slaves/glorified prostitution…smh

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    Ancestor Dr. Afrika is still ahead of all the rest!! His wife, Dr. Steverson is brilliant. Grateful for their powerful message.

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    Honestly I never thought a day like this will come when I will be cured from my herpes after so many years of suffering. thank you so much Dr ALUDA on YouTube for your good work. I'm so grateful to you Dr. he cures HPV too.,///,🌿🌿🌿

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    I thank god for blessing us with Dr Afrika..i feel more connected to myself ever since listening to him and converting to plant based diet❤

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    Where is the wellness center located

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    Did he just say he was in charge of a rape squad?????

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    The life changing Engery that is coming off the lecture is amazing

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    Im here in 2021🙌🏽🙌🏽

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    Hello Family
    Ase Dr. Afrika Powerful knowledge love you

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    Yay confusion ,that is what a spell is this what they do to us work a spell on us. The gospel. Hahahaha

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    Tell me it ain't real 💔

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    Rest In Power Dr. Afrika!!

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    We need this hard truth!!!

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    55:44 why does she just jump in there like that? It seems like she’s jealous of her husband. She tends to talk down to the crowd. He was a vibe smh..

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    I prefer to listen to Dr. Afrika, he is much more knowledge able than his wife, she is not as educated she sounds as if she is just talking lay person ,what she has learned from Dr. Afrika

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    We are solar people but we need the moon more in order to garner ultimate balance… The sun(Jesus) keeps black people in this situation

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    Dr. Africa is sooo on point. Thank you for educating me on basic healing.

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    I like this elder.
    El está muy bien.

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    The white europea religión is here
    To enslave us.
    Why they always send in
    Religios people, Christian before they go in with the corporations.

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    I like this lecture because since am mixed, certain things never really made sense to me. Like the white Jesús religión. Jewish religión.

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    I look white, but am hispanic lady.
    I am black, white and american

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