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Dr. Afrika: How to Reverse Diabetes part 2 of 3

Jan 2023 03

You Can Reverse Diabetes in 6 to 12 Months.

About Dr. Afrika: Dr. Llaila O. Afrika is a lecturer and author. He can help you understand and become aware of natural remedies and treatments. He is a nutritional consultant; massage therapist, historian, certified addictionologist, acupuncturist, writer and Doctor of Naturopathy. He has studied in countries such as Africa, Europe, and of course, America. Dr. Afrika believes that each of his clients (from children to the elderly) has been among his many teachers, and he is fully indebted to them all.

Dr. Afrika lectures on 80 different topics. He contends that good health does not belong exclusively to any culture or race, but is a human right and product of nature.


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    Not raw honey, but it's processed honey that has added white sugar placed in it.

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    Ol boy was looking a lil upset when he told him that nutrisweet and what not is no good…lol 😂

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    What about organic cane sugar?

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    He keeps repeating himself dude sounds sickly already…

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    He said Nutrasweet like he was doing something

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    the host is a trip. he isn't getting it. Dr. Afrika said the same thing in 30 different ways- but dude is like – "hey – why do I have nerve damage?" Dr. Afrika is like – "its the sugar". Dude is like -"why do I have diabetes" – Dr Afrika is like "its the sugar".

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    Well that's the whole entire American diet sugar!!! Got to eat to live, not live to eat.

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    I have spent months studying diabetes then we discovered a great website at Diabetes Crusher Tactic (google it if you are interested)

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    eat eggs, lean protein, greens-silverbeet lettuce salads and drink water only.
    all carbs turn to sugar . and find a exercise that you enjoy doing ……..get the weight down.

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    This man is the truth!!!

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    "it is" @ 2:15 haha

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    tell the man what the fuck to use

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    Isn't honey suppose to be good for you yet he claims its bad

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    Thank u so much

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    Yes this is the best explanation about sugar i ve ever heard

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    Is it me or did it look like he wanted to cuss when he told him that the sweet and low wasn't any good for him either

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    This makes me very angry

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    best explanations i have ever heard about sweet thanks a lot

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    You speak the truth about Diabetes. Thank you for this video.

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    The host is a big fat dumb butt.

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    My first title is Two Faces of Hell – The Vision of Ezekiel Thorn. You never know! Check out my book reviews at amazon.co.uk and you might just be tempted to get a copy, read then discuss, perhaps!

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    @504boi8wd i like agave nectar….you should be able to find it at any health food store or in the organic section of your local market.

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    I hope the Host is okay after this show. Dr Afrika KEEP TALKING!!!!

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    This Dr. is great! He explains how all this stuff works in SIMPLE terms!

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    This dude's facial expressions LMAO!! At least he's willing to learn

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