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Don’t put yourself in that situation! #spirituality #blackpeople #fyp #sidechicks

Mar 2024 23


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    Tell them please stop it's not cute to sleep with a married man

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    That sugar daddy stuff is deadly that is lowdown that is prostitution if you sleep for money respect your self get a job

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    I agreed with you up until you start talkin about the mom blaming the man for what he did to her daughter. Although it is the woman's fault for putting herself in this situation and telling his wife .. we should not victim shame the victim for the actions of someone else.

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    Like you 😁

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    There is nothing but truth in what you are saying. You shouldn't have sex with no one except your husband. Save yourself.

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    Facts in addition to that bottom line for that man he is wrong for taking a life as well as cheating on his woman. The victim is the wife. An for the mother that lost her daughter my condolences. The young woman made a wrong decision to mess with a married man then go be messy tell the wife that caused her death. People also have to understand that young people are making decisions without thinking so if they are not thinking about consequences then there blinded to the outcome. That man was grown married an new better shame on him for putting his wife through such term oil. Rip to the young lady. Sometimes it's not the parents kids young men an woman get to that legal age making decisions they was never taught to make but because there grown. I'ma do whatever I want mindset an it harms them. My heart goes out to the mother the young lady who should have had an opportunity to change but couldn't everyone has made dumb ass decisions an some of us would have been gone they were sparred. To the wife especially who has done nothing in this situation. We don't know what goes on behind close doors. Now a mother don't have her daughter a wife is now going to be divorced that's tuff an a man just lost his family due to his actions an decisions. Be careful of the decisions you make in life it will always cost u something an something u were not ready for. Love your video God bless

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    Right on sister. The truth is the light. Love you for it again.

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    Women do not care about getting in relationships with married men, or a man that is already in a relationship… The fathers do not care about raising the next man kids. instead of his own. We are so messed up.😢

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    Because they're teaching these kids to just chase the bag and forget the morals. That's all that's going on these days. It crazy and sad

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    Women can't even keep Their Extracurricular Ass Mouth closed.When They get a Treat that belongs to another Woman.A Fellow Black Sista at that.SMDH!🤔 Now Somebody's life was cut short all because of that Mouth.

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    Hoped she learned 😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😂😂😂

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    No no the world has a special way of cleaning itself !

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    Wife dodged a whole bullet frfr

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    …that's right, Sista, tell them!!!

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    The mother knew about it.

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    you just mad because nobody wants you

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    Why the side piece always want the #1 spot? Know your role and play it well.
    Wife – woman he loves and doesn't want to lose

    Side piece – extra cheeks he's clapping, no real love just lust, never to be spoken of

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    Neither is off the hook both were wrong. She is no more responsible then he is and before ya'll come for me with the "you must be a side chick" full stop been married for 24 yrs. No man or woman has a right to harm the other no matter the situation.

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    🔥 TRUTH IS TRUTH sin kills judgment day is coming for all people repentance is a gift of love 🤔

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    PREEEEEEACH…I can't go 🤞 married men are a BIIIIIIIIG turn off no thank you Sir I'm off limits 🤞

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    😪 They didn't learn from the female that was killed on FB Live for this same reason? He told her since u wanna be famous imma make u famous. Guess Not! Bcuz you're doing another story 😪 I agree 💯

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    If a man is in a situationship-In a relationship-It's complicated-Engaged-Married…TO ME THAT MEANS HE IS OFF LIMITS! 💯💯💯 I don't entertain-give false hope-etc….. LEAVE MARRIED MEN ALONE! 🙅🏽‍♀️💯💯💯

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    Preach to these heifers

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    Self-accountability is key we have to choose better as women and understand that the psychological state of a man is far more dangerous when he has his family on the line

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    Why are we being taught to fear married men or men in general. When men are the ones who should be scared to cheat on their wife? This stuff is insane now a days. It’s super crazy to me that these men can do ANYTHING AND NOT SUFFER ONE consequence. They can have babies everywhere, cheat on their wives, kill people, rape, lie, steal , pass hiv to their wives alongside other diseases. This is really insane times my mind is literally blown. 🤯🤮🤯🤮

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    Father issues.

    Groupies to b-boys who didn't have father's trying to be fatherly…….looking at and imitating THE GODFATHER don't count…….🤷

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