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Demystifying Reincarnation 9 – Near Death Experiences – Partial consciousness?

Apr 2024 22


Das is a monk, mentor and author.

Building on his engineering degree from the Government College of Engineering, Pune, he has studied extensively the philosophical and sociological ramifications of modern science. Complementing his scientific education is his keen sensitivity honed by systematic and sympathetic study of the tradition for over two decades. He has been an invited speaker at several international conferences on the interface of science and , including the World Peace Conference 2006 and World Peace Congress 2008 organized by UNESCO. Based in India, he has given talks at colleges and companies all over the world from Australia to America. His writings appear regularly in several Indian newspapers including the reputed Speaking Tree column in The Times of India. Apart from 300 analytical articles (available at www.thespiritualscientist.com) and 1600 inspirational daily meditations on the Bhagavad-gita (available at www.gitadaily.com), he is the author of 20 books on a wide variety of subjects ranging from Science and , socio-cultural analysis of religion, and the ancient texts of India, especially the , and Bhagavad-gita

He is a member of ’s leading intellectual body, the Shastric Advisory Council, which offers scriptural advice to the GBC (Governing Body Commissioner). He is an associate editor of Back to Godhead, ’s global magazine. His writings in English have been translated into several foreign languages including German, Chinese and Romanian and several Indian languages including Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi and Marathi.

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