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Dark Near Death Experience (NDE) Showed Me Mankind's Future with Ken Leth | NLS Podcast

Feb 2023 27

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Kenneth P. Leth died and went to heaven when he was 8, but the full picture of what he experienced didn’t come to the forefront right away. When he became a young adult Ken experienced a STE that opened a door. From then on the memories have been coming back. Ken is 67 now and details are still coming to him in moments of knowing, or clarity. As per Ken talking about it in an interview with people is almost like a therapy session for him. There are always insights and details that come out during a session. They may not be obvious to you, but he often come away with more than he expected. Meeting other experiencers through organizations like IANDS, or NDERF has been a great help as well.

Among the important events that Ken now remember:

Ken lived a previous life that he can remember parts of.
Ken met with a panel, or group of entities who acted like a council. They determined his level of growth to be lacking before he was sent back down from heaven to live this current life.
He have a spirit guide who comes through to give him messages when important things are about to happen.
Ken can recall his birth because he almost died then too, and he was shown his birth during my at age 8.
Beyond the usual NDE stuff, Ken was also shown the future, and is willing to talk about that as well if you wish. A lot of his predictions are happening right now, today, with current events.

’s book: A Child Goes to Heaven

Anyone reading ’s book will come to understand why we were born in the flesh and why family is just as important here on Earth as it is there in Heaven. was 8 years old when his appendix burst. In the midst of life-saving surgery he was whisked into Heaven where he met his great-great grandparents and many other deceased members of his extended family who assured him he was loved more than he could possibly imagine.

A Child Goes to Heaven is an inspirational book that addresses the profound truth that the we feel here on Earth is an extraordinarily weak imitation (at best) of the we will experience in Heaven. This Second Edition contains “Publisher’s Notes” that reveal the futuristic visions Ken saw in Heaven, some of which have already occurred.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ken Leth.

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  1. #1

    This gentleman tells a story slowly.

  2. #2

    Great NDE. More detailed than others. I have a question though—what were those dark entities & why were they there if God is not punishing us? Also, who dropped the atomic bomb at Yellowstone?

  3. #3

    There is a super volcano under Yellowstone

  4. #4

    Ken you are amazing and thank you to your host who has the right compassionate energy to get your message out! What you say is true! God Bless you ! It shall come to pass! I am prepared!!

  5. #5

    He was a hard one to steer.. hey Alex?😉

  6. #6

    I'm not convinced that this is true, as he recounts so much detail. I keep pushing ahead waiting to feel connected to his story, and to me it's just a story and he wants attention. I am a 4th generation psychic and I call BS on this one. Next….

  7. #7

    You can’t overdose on gas and air ( laughing gas). You breathe it in then you breathe it out again.

  8. #8

    There is no political bias in heaven 😂

  9. #9

    How can people judge an experience, which you never had?
    How do you know, what’s is real, and what isn’t? Have you heard of multiple dimensions, quantum realms, parallel realities?
    We are so ignorant, to think we know how energy works, that some comments, sounds very childish!
    The only way to be able to judge any subject, it’s by being very well informed, about the subject in question!

  10. #10

    The disasters he saw were more likely an asteroid than an earthquake and the Yellowstone super volcano not a nuke.

  11. #11

    Very opiated Visions
    All of It a bad joke 😢

  12. #12

    WOW your against TRUMP but for Clinton??? SAY WHAT ? When she is the most evil woman on this earth..
    TRUMP is fighting the GLOBALISTS that follow and worship the devil

  13. #13


  14. #14

    Alex, you have great patience! 😇

  15. #15

    This was quite interesting. Yellowstone is a caldera. If it ever erupts, it will be catastrophic for the vast portion of the United States. According to the BBC, it would have the power of 1,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb explosions. Also, the Missouri river is the boundary between Iowa and Nebraska. It's had a history of flooding. A Google search shows the flood issues in recent years pertaing to the Missouri river. People are free to believe what they need to, but I see credibility in what this man has shared…

  16. #16

    At 1:17:42 he mentioned something I have felt personally for many months now. He mentioned it possibly happening any day now. 3 months have gone by now and I will keep an eye out for how much more time goes by. I personally think this will all happen when Trump is told he has finally lost and will serve jail time. The news itself will be too overwhelming for his heart and he will then be thrown into the tunnel from which he will not come back from.

  17. #17

    SMH on this one Alex. I'm not a stranger to recollections of people's NDEs but this one was loaded with red flags imo. The amount of details was truly unbelievable, how long was he gone for? Source has a deep voice? There are machines in the spiritual realm? Then came the political left hot topics. I hung in there until the Hillary BS. Read some of the comments and I'm glad I didn't continue. Did you give us this so that we could practice taking what we need and leaving the rest, lol. Kidding aside, you are one heck of an interviewer, beaucoup accolades to you for hanging in there.

  18. #18

    Visions of Glory book has some of his experiences

  19. #19

    Seems like his "Visions" were more colored by his own perception at 8 years old….

  20. #20

    Feels to me like he didn't experience real heaven, but went into false light. There's not a chance in heaven Hillary would hv been ok. I'll leave it at this.

  21. #21

    BRING IT ON! We are so selfish me included 😂 We need a resetting button 🎉 Nothing will surprise me and Planet 🌎 is not happy 😢 The pandemic 😷 gave us the chance to experience this reality differently and I liked it with less cars, airplanes ✈️ etc. LA was heaven 😂 Thank you 🙏 for all you are doing. Ciao 👋

  22. #22

    Again Beijing Pedo Joe will stop at nothing to start WW3 sending Billions in armaments to Ukraine. Meanwhile Trump is visiting East Palestine, Ohio to check in on working class Americans and find solutions. Also none, zero of this Ukraine war would have happened with Trump in office. Again, I'll take a few mean tweets over Killary Clinton or dementia ( America Last) Joe.

  23. #23

    I have a nagging feeling that this man is making some of these things up. He is at least embellishing .

  24. #24

    Could not listen through to the end of this video-clip – because of the obvious deep dislike this man has for Donald Trump.From listening to numerous Nde experiences of others, i've never seen them display any animosity towards anyone after their experience.
    There is just something off about this whole narrative.
    To be fair, this is his understanding of what happened when he was just 8 yrs. old.A few examples of what happened i simply cannot accept (1) The silver cord being cut means your body is dead,there's no going back and(2) for a kid to be left on his own to be tormented by entities and finally someone pitches-up to help him – mind boggling.!
    (3) No-one on the other side knows who he is -that's crap !
    (4) I am sorry to have to say this but there is nothing of the humility and compassion and love for humanity that one normally sense when you listen to people who have had a near-death experience is apparent.

  25. #25

    I have a memory of reading a book before I could read…in my memory I was in my preschool class room reading area where the teacher would read to us and we could look at the books of our choice during free time…like a mini library in the classroom…but I was reading this book myself and it was about human evolution…what humans would look like in the future…according to this book we will be much taller with very long fingers and no hair… I don't know why I can remember this but I do….I also remember in elementary school being given fluoride treatments…like the whole class would be given the liquid instructed to swish and spit as demonstrated by the teacher…they also gave us magnets to play with…our schools teach according to the government agendas…we think we have free will but do we really when our thinking can be guided and manipulated?

  26. #26

    I'm trying to decide if I'm going to watch this. I listed to an interview of Kenneth Leth back in 2015. The things he foretold about the 2016 election and its aftermath in that interview sounded unfathomable to me at the time, but everything he said came to pass, including a woman winning the popular vote, a blonde haired man becoming president despite that result, and then that president refusing to accept defeat and encouraging an assault on the capitol. It really rattled me when I went back to listen to the interview again after Jan. 6th because that's when I paid attention to his visions for the mid 2020s.

  27. #27

    i loved this! Ken seems like such a sweet soul. sending you love Ken!!

  28. #28

    Yellowstone Caldera explosion would end the world

  29. #29


  30. #30
  31. #31

    I listened to him on another podcast and wanted to see if he changed his story at all to align with all of the other ndexperiencers, teachers and channeled prophets we’ve heard that only speak of peace, joy and love across the veil. Perhaps his doom and gloom was from the mind of an 8 year old. I’m sorry for him if it has caused him the agony he speaks of. He tells of the experience but not much of what he has learned from it.

  32. #32

    The chair he is sitting in is distracting.

  33. #33

    Is this one timeline? There are others, right? So maybe not inevitable for everyonr, it depends on where each individual is spiritually?

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