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DANGEROUS CULTS!: Kenyan Starvation Cult, Manson, Jones, Daybell, and more!

May 2023 15

The discovery of a Kenyan Starvation Cult and the trial of Lori Vallow have brought cults into the news again. We look at some of the dangerous cults and cult leaders in history including Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate, NXIVM, David Koresh, and more.

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    replay as usual lately 😢. Jeff you're still my favorite YouTuber ❤

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    Omg this morm porn that you're reading is killing me 😂

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    If you experience loinfire please see a doctor.

  4. #4

    ugh, Chad, that's not love.
    lust, yes. but definitely not love.

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    Hey! I blame everything on Gremlins, too! Bright Light! Bright Light!

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    I doubt you have trouble getting women, Jeff. Just my personal opinion, but I am sure you'd have willing participants in your sects cullt

  7. #7

    I am so glad I watched all the way to the end

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    “Christianity in Africa outside of South Africa is relatively new”

    So… I take it the lawrax doesn’t know about the Copes of Egypt… the Christian kingdoms of Nubia… or Abyssinia aka ETHIOPIA which has been a Christian African state for well over a thousand years.

    And that’s just native African Christianity. On the West coast of Africa you have the kingdom of Kongo that started adopting Catholicism before the first Dutchman even saw the cape.

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    Preacher Jeff is a mythical man!

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    Comments for the utube Algorithm cult!❤ Love ya Jeff and Vice Squad!

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    Had u in my ear all day…it was wonderful but also
    RIP Secret McSquirrel 💛

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    I wonder is getting lost in meaningless details a symptom of mentall illness 🤔

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    Africa has also some very old christian churches like the Ethopian Orthodox church or the Coptic orthodox church.

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    Oh tysm Jeff for giving me such a laugh tonight! Sure needed it! LOIN FIRE!!!! Our squirrel would have had a good laugh. RIP dear lady.

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    I had to read up on the Lori Daybell stuff. And, I understand that we all are susceptible to irrational ideas, etc. but wtf?! I need to believe in Hell, just so I can have comfort that these types of people get their just rewards. Ugh. People are horrible & crazy! Whhhhy? Why, oh why?! And soooo gross (texts stuff). Talking like that is cringe at any age… oh, those texts are abhorrent. 😱☠️😖🤢
    Jeff, I need therapy now.
    Thanks for the video.
    Heartbreaking for the victims; infuriating about the IDIOT leaders and followers. Ugh!

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    but what if they are right?… sounds strange for us "normal" people but what if?

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    Dan Cummings did a podcast ep on children of god cult i think

  18. #18

    Replay crew. Stupid work getting in the way of Live viewing.

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    Super bummed I missed the live, but excited to watch the replay. I’m low key fascinated by cults.

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    Coercion, thought control and menticide are very real

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