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Curandero (Mozambican Spiritual Healer)

Apr 2023 24

Please visit my blog about local life in Mozambique. Life of a Peace Core volunteer.


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    I need your contact numbers please 👏

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    Shewe Kokwani 👏🏼 👏🏼

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    Thank you for sharing the video with us. There are also monks in Tibetan monastery who take trance of special being to give advice and to heal people. bit[[dot})ly/700meetbuddha

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    Thank you very much 💙 This really sounds hard to believe, but I've just seen that Sri Avinash in Australia is transmitting the enlightened state & he calls it the satori transmission. 🙌 People are experiencing a what enlightenment feels like because of him within minutes. It just seems so rare and amazingly precious that I felt the need to share about it. You're not going to believe but check it out! #sriavinashsatori 🙌🤲

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