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Cults are exploitative, weird groups with strange beliefs and practices, right? Joined by Maponga j

May 2023 12

Cults are exploitative, weird groups with strange beliefs and practices, right? Well, think again….Has the church turned into a cult? Has christianity diffused the African identity?

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Sankofa looking backwards at the future

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#JoshuaMaponga #SolomonAshom

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    sda has nothing to do with Davidians

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    maponga thank you God bless

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    We need more of this teachings

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    From the intellect is the process we are going trying of the spiritual way of life knowledge are not wat the White European taught blacks to trust in one comes true the clouds 🇬🇩🇬🇭🇬🇾🇬🇧🇯🇲🇱🇷but from our ancestors calls out from the under world mother pangea spread out for all of the human family 🇯🇲🇬🇩🇬🇭🇬🇧🇬🇾🇧🇴is the face of mother earth in the dust and up on the face of life you have came true the 💦 waters give thanks for our ancestors🇧🇴🇧🇦praprad for us for this Jones getting too know the High an holey threenitey they are with us up on this 🌚 give tanks and for life that is good an perfecting our on life and living up this day give tanks .🇬🇩

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    The Humor in Maponga's interviews😂😂

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    Hardcore Truth ✊🏿

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    I wish everyone could be open minded and listen to this. When I started reading the Bible by myself and questioned so many things. Lol, I questioned my church. Eventually I stopped going to church and just started worshiping at home with my family.

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    This is the best conversation i've listened to.!!

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    Very correct.
    Christ Embassy members don't welcome other pastors in their church.
    In mountain of fire and miracle, you you don't wear jewelry, women don't wear trousers, don't make up.
    They don't have ministers from any other denomination to preach in their churches.
    And so on.

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    Put me on your mailing list please!!!!
    Link me please to these critical thinkers!!!!

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    I love this seriously critical man.
    An opportunity for us to be critical too.

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    There is the nigerian christians christians, the scoan, oyedepo, olukoya, so many sect.

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    The stone that the builder refused

    The dust swept away is a source of life, a manure for new life. For. A new growth!!!

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    My own favorite person,Maponga J, love you always.

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    Bishop Pray for me that I may prosper…..

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    Watching from Nigeria 🇳🇬 Bishop Maponga is telling us the reality

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    Maponga…talks too much???
    Thank you Solomon Izang…you keep him in check…?

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    I love this man. He is my spiritual Baba

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    I appreciate this open candid discussion.

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    On a visit to the South Pacific, a tour guide commented this, when he took us to visit one of the churches on the island of Moorea. He said, before colonialism, we had many gods, 1 church, since colonialism we have many churches 1 GOD.

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    Solomon cannot be saved from Eurocentrism

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    vh It is impossible to isolate a person’s culture from a person's religion; The anthropological context makes this impossible. This is why Jesus is presented as a white man by the Europeans to the rest of the world. Their theology is correct. God said he made us in His own image. Suffice to say, if God made us in God’s own image, according to the Europeans understanding, Jesus would be white.

    The fact that Africans can finally stop being angry with God and accept their rightful place in God’s kingdom is wonderful. The discoveries to finally, accept the anthropology of Jesus by the Africans speak volumes. But we must be careful not to destroy the entire concept; although over the centuries some belief in the wrong Christology and practiced incorrect ecclesiology, we must stay connected to the soteriological intend of biblical theology.

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    I've seen a lot of endless debates about Christianity, debates that have lasted for almost 2 millennial, and yet made a lot of people miserable and confused. Somehow people can't grasp the reality behind it all. Theologians and intellectuals, followers are confused; but what's truth? Why can't people agree yet they claim to embrace one truth? There is only one Truth, and many lies. I personally wouldn't want to mislead anyone, but after many years of seeking, I could say what people call Church today is counterfeit. Christianity itself is an organized religion and the Bible a doctrine of conformity, not that it doesn't have true stories, but to be a Christian is to Know who or what Christ is, and what a Church is.
    Christ was a Mystery, until 4th Century, when a group of Bishops came together and decided to create what a rational mind would understand. If you have interest, the books in Nag Hammadi sheds much light on the subject.
    Sin in the western Christianity is based on Morality, but it's original meaning was "Error". And the first one to Error was who People worship as God. In This life man is in Bondage, as the body kills the spirit, the spirit animates the soul, and those who are spiritually alive can perform what people call Miracles.
    What's happening in most Churches these days is people are using Occult, which is Magic, and most churches are under theocrats, yes they do grant certain powers to Pastors, but they also exploit congregations by harvesting energy from them. Truth is itself very strange, and it would put a lot of people at odd with themselves and everything they believe in, so it's better to seek for yourself. Otherwise these debates will never end. African Christians are as confused as Europeans and Americans, the only real differences are economic progress, at least the west has advanced in Technology and economics while Africa still lags behind, because whoever designed the system designed it to benefit their own people. So for the Africans who haven't really sat down and thought of how they can build their own societies independently, they are highly disadvantaged, just like other third world countries. This has nothing to do with God or Religion.
    There is Life, which comes from inner knowing, Life Giving Word, and there is death that we sustain by food, or Physical food. I think the meaning of life can be found in seeking, but today's world people are obsessed with survival, and spend their entire existence chasing after material things, living from Womb to the Tomb with nothing, for they come to the world Empty and leave Empty. He who has understanding will grasp this.
    On Superficial level I agree with people, It's good to be self reliant and focus on self interest as a group, but deep down I know, all is Vanity. Intellect is for survival, and intellect cannot grasp truth, People are relying on intellect so much and for that reason they get exploited by those who have more intellect, or the cunning ones, But if you were to look into your heart, then you know, this world is but an illusion, and what we call as races tribes etc are illusions that separate us. A human being is a spirit. Bodies came to exist due to the womb, which is corrupted, and coming into the world we forget everything we are, and illusions define us.
    The body is an accumulation of memory, which changes from Birth, and dies and goes back to where it came from, But Human Spirit (Word), is the one that is Saved. People argue what race Christ was, they are all mistaken, even the jews didn't know who Christ was, and they were blind, they were used to Persecute Christ, but on top of the Cross he was laughing at their error. The Original gospels were suppressed, people were persecuted for them.
    To Finish, there were different types of Christians that came to be, Those who Knew who Christ was, and were given knowledge and they were sought after and persecuted.
    Those who came to believe by what they so the disciples do, or the Apostles, who were also persecuted for their faith, and those who volunteered to be persecuted thinking they would be saved, yet they didn't even know who or what Christ was, and then those who took a few doctrines and made an organized religion based on a dead man's doctrines. That's what people have been fighting for and about.

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    Christianity is not and will never be a cult. Instead it's acult that has come to cause influence in Christianity. If you search who was there before, you will find that acult was a later organization rose to fight Christianity.

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    Solomon I'm sure you were not much ready to host maponga J. It's nice conversation but he seem to outsmart you in his answers. Yes or no answers can hook you into problems.

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    I love this so much and I wish I could be there with you I would have understood it better

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    Not only is it a cult. It is based on corrupted astro theological alegories.

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    I understand that the ideology of Christianity was stolen from African spirituality and traditions, it however sounds distorted to say Christianity comes from African. In an original order what we have is traditional, and it would become a dilution with the introduction of biblical context and teaching, therefore it qualifies to be coined into what we call religion. But what is religion? What is the difference between religion and tradition? Religion is a faculty of spirituality that was extract from the ancient traditional practices, including that of Africans. Let us not run around the bush, as African we should believe in the holistic African tradition from which Christianity is derived from, therefore if you lower your knowledge into a biblical analysis you end up believing in a hypothesis instead of the real spirituality that comes as a sphere of your own traditional practice and culture.

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    We need to understand that the writings of our ancestors was written to a particular people in Hebrew language ( not Yiddish) -that Our Redeemer who grew up in Africa couldn’t be called jesus Zeus he’s not Spanish nor Greek. That we were NEVER called Christians ( pls note the people that Kepha Shaul addressed during that dialogue the location) understand that Abraham did have more than 1 wife whom he treated EQUALLY; we are also permitted by the Father to do the same with wisdom . The situation again in Timothy needs CONTEXT.. that these american european houses are being taught n directed by people who have absolutely no permission to be teachers. The Books were not written for them it is NOT their culture. They ( strangers) can come along if they acknowledge us follow OUR Alohim . Like Maponga rightly said IT IS TIME we “STOP MASSAGING EACH Other n be MATURED “.

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