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Clinically Dead Woman Sees The Afterlife; Show The Hidden Truth About Heaven (NDE)

Oct 2023 05

Clinically Dead Woman Sees The ; Show The Hidden Truth About Heaven ()
The woman who had a near-death experience and learned the great secret about heaven
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    Artificial voice is not good

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    Why didn't you talk to your mom or other family members or friends? Just curious 🤷‍♀️

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    Love her story but please be careful with the AI. It asks her why she has NDE and was distracting. Other than that amazing account

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    What's up with that fake voice??? Please STOP IT!!!

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    One of the best NDE's I've heard. Genuine, lovely lady. Don't like the AI voice though!

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    The robot voice ruins her testimony. Please redo the video with no robot voice its creepy and distracting.

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    Fascinating. But the wierd voice has got to go… Maybe you could try fading to black, posing the question as text, and then fading back to her answer. Because the robotic voice is extremely offputting tbh

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    You are artificial and she's very real

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    So ridiculous that the interviewer is a robot

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    Just use ur reg voice. Pple really don't care. I promise.

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    I am the witness to the second coming of Jesus Christ for he showed me in this vision. Jesus is on his way.

    I had a real-life vision experience it's the only way to describe it. It wasn't a dream or a nightmare more like a present twilight moment. It was vivid and unforgettable. I was taken somewhere and shown this. In a nutshell, this is how it started. I was in bed and just after waking up and I turned in bed to one side and when I turned back to the other side It started and was like, at least what sounded like 1000 heavy footsteps marching heavily up my stairs and coming into my room and they were sweeping away everything with brooms, I never saw them. I felt everything is been swept away and I felt a presence get into the bed with me and push me down through the ground and I went running down an underground tunnel.

    The first stop I experienced was, in this massive cave in front of me a was a massive pair of black curtains and when they were pulled open I saw a gigantic size Earth with millions and millions of human Beings, suffering in anguish. you can just imagine my state of being going through this shocking encounter, one minute you are in bed and then the next here you are. I was then shown black and white portraits of evil-looking men and they went flying past me like they were running away from something, and I remembered asking myself this question over and over "Why are they running". I went further down this tunnel and it was scary, It was then I called out "Jesus help me" and at that millie moment I saw the hand of Jesus come in and whisp me out like scooping water with your hand from a pond. I was instantly taken out and saved, I was put back in my Bed. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

    My take on this experience is now 3 years on.

    I was physically shaken up from this experience for a long time afterwards, it took me a long time to come to terms with this trauma it even went as far as I was afraid to go to bed. When I got the chance to study my experience I knew it was a spiritual awakening to the evil that is upon us. The massive Black curtains represent our elected governments lying to us on a massive scale worldwide. The "heavy footsteps marching" represent Evil policies forced on the people and the "sweeping with brooms" represents a massive change is on the way, everything we know is been swept away. the "Earth and the people in anguish" are what the people will go through in the not-to-distant future.

    The one thing that stuck in my mind all of this time was "Why were these evil-looking men running" Why were they running? The only answer now is that they were running from Jesus. Pure and simple. Jesus Christ is coming back. Jesus Christ picked me up on his way here and saved me.

    I am the witness to the second coming of Jesus Christ. This happened to me on the first morning of the Covid lockdowns in March 2020. Please take from this message as you read it for I have received it loud and clear… Jesus Christ saved me from this evil outcome that is upon us. He will save you. All you have to do is call out his mighty name.


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    This lady did so well considering she was being interviewed by a robot! Haha!😊

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    what's with the terrible voice over?!?

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    All is forgiven. But they will feel hurt they've caused others. However, still no judgement

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    What you experienced was a hologram…the archons jobs are to trick you into recycling your soul..you can't leave this dome

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    Weird interviewer voice ruined it, there are many other channels to choose from

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    I can't believe she said she is in her 60s, she looks 20 years younger 😮. I really appreciated not having religious moments in an NDE for a change. I understand that people see what they expect to see, there's no helping it, they are going to see Jesus and angels if they've been brought up as Christian. I'm very grateful that I wasn't forced into religion growing up, at least in this incarnation, and I'm not interested in religious experiences of others at all, but when you listen to NDEs you are more often than not subjected to listen to them.
    This was an interesting account. I wanted to share it with others but didn't because of the interviewing voice. It was a very poor choice to use this fake voice that made the interaction sound insincere and almost mocking… Other than that, a very good video.

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    This is stolen content. Do not watch these videos here.

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    Climbing the ladder isnt meaningless. Maybe thsts THEIR journey in this kife, they didnt get a n.d.e, maybe that was for a reason…. let them live their purpose and journey

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    I don't believe authors who have NDE

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    There's nothing more impersonal than this. I would love to hear her story without this impersonal AI sounding narrator.

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    Interesting and amazing testimony

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    Thank you ❤❤❤

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    Wtf is up with this announcer garbage?

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    OMG get a real person to do the interview instead of some robot sounding voice. Just awful.

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    Thank you for your story 🙏 now I'm older woman I really believe in past lives, I'm very happy to know my loved ones on the other side are all alright there's lots of them army of them, I'm the only one alive now from all of my family

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    Is this host an AI?!?!

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    Yes, please ditch the false voice.

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    I have been listening to these NDEs non-stop for a months now and this is the best so far

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    i never did find out what the huge secret was, i just never had the patience

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    I loved Laura’s experience, thank you!
    It would really be nice if the host with the beautiful voice, could speak in real time with the guest. It sounds as if it is added afterwards, by chance.
    Thank you both for this lovely experience…
    Peace, 🙏💝💫💫

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    Always just a bunch of anecdotes, never any actual evidence. This is 100% a brain phenomena, 0% supernatural phenomena.

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    "Interrupting someone else's destiny". I could say that when I met my wife and ended up marrying her was interrupting her destiny or vice versa. So I don't quite understand what that even means. It's just odd.

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    Great Job! Thanks for bringing your gift to humanity❤

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    I loved listening to her experience, but probably won't listen to this channel again because of the computerised interviewer voice.

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    That interviewer nonsense was ridiculous!!!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing this … beautiful

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    I hope I can hold Jesus

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    An honest report. Well done. Appreciate her candor.

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    That interviewer's voice is so fake.

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    We don’t live in rocks in Heaven. God word say we have mansions.
    And to too if off, I have actually been to Heaven, I had an out of body, and was taken up. The Holy Spirit is telling me she is lying straight up.

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    Jesus says she is lying. There are no liars granted to Heaven. There is no such thing as reincarnation, within the kingdom of heaven. She is terribly misguided.

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    Thats not a huge secret i will give you the reason why its because all human souls are endowed with our creators divine image (spark) you are all divines.

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    That male voice is a big turn off😢

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    Wtf is w that GOOFY overdubbed host?!

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    She fell off her galloping horse – NDE starts at 3:15

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    That AI is extremely creepy. I couldn’t finish the video ☹️ can you please repost with the questions as text instead of the robot voice?

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    The physical world is a lucid dream.

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    Not watching video. If she was truly clinically dead, she could not be brought back to life. Perhaps she was in the process of dying, which takes minutes to hours.

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    What a beautiful NDE but please ask the questions with a human voice! The AI voice really spoils the beautiful moments!

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