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Climber Near Death Experience 😰

Oct 2023 14

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In this video, father and son were climbing at a rock cliff. The son is staying on the ground while his father is climbing up the cliff. Suddenly a rock the father has losen by climbing up the cliff falls and hits his son right on his helmet! The son points out, that this could’ve gone very wrong, if they wouldn’t have safety Equipment. Safety first guys!


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    He is super lucky jeez

  2. #2

    He stood in disbelief
    He couldnt believe what happened

    Almost as if disbelief is not believeing what happened

  3. #3

    die Grünen müssen es ja durchdrücken, in 8 Monaten ist die Ampel zerbrochen und kein „normal denkender“ Mensch wählt mehr die Grünen

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