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Charly Jordan's Near Death Experience On A Flight – UNFILTERED #126

Oct 2022 26

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  1. #1

    I work with weed, I can tell you there is a difference between sativa and indica and hybrid lol

  2. #2

    Who’s here after we found out about Taylor

  3. #3

    Charly is literally the most interesting and humble person I’ve ever seen. Love her vibe and that she does what she wants and kills it every time. Forever in awe.

  4. #4

    I had no idea who Charly was but her vibes were awesome and she was very interesting

  5. #5

    Y’all why am I shipping Charly and Zane so hard 😂

  6. #6

    I love and respect charly so much, getting to hear more about her life and mentality was great and so interesting.
    Side note- who tf is insane enough to touch a DJs equipment while they’re working, or any professional for that matter?!

  7. #7
  8. #8

    Guys grocery games 😂😂😂😂

  9. #9

    Why does Zane not wear a headset

  10. #10

    Bro I need friends like these 🥲

  11. #11

    I wish I could fly out to la and meet y’all!!! 😭

  12. #12

    Heath there’s a very high possibility the comforter was not washed👀👀 I used to work in a hotel years ago & they had us remove all the white sheets fitted/flat but the “decorative” comforter wouldn’t be washed👀👀

  13. #13

    Just to set the record straight Tomorrowland is in BELGIUM not in Switzerland! They just have a much smaller winter version.

  14. #14

    My face hurts from laughing 100/10😂 Subscribed💯

  15. #15

    Yall got Angelina Jolie on!?!?

  16. #16

    Idk why this doesn’t have more views. I’ve never heard of Charly before but she is such a vibe. I love her now lol

  17. #17

    I loved this, wasn’t sure what to expect. Charly is so well educated.

  18. #18

    zane and charley?

  19. #19

    Omg I went on American Airlines recently and they have screens with movies and games in them. And some of there planes are huge or have space seething.

  20. #20

    Me, as a Belgian, super excited to hear them know about Tomorrowland. Me a little dissapointed Heath said 'Switzerland'

  21. #21

    I prefer just the original four 🤣

  22. #22

    Girl I can’t afford to travel

  23. #23

    This girl is a little self centered a little annoying. She kept talking about herself

  24. #24

    high pod w Charly on YT plz

  25. #25

    Tik Tok feeds off of the simple minds that make it popular. Thats why seeing the same dance 3000 times works. Creativity isnt necessary anymore it seems. Its too easy to appease the minds of the masses now lmao. Good job guys!

  26. #26

    I laughed so hard when Heath tried pronouncing his name backwards

  27. #27

    Blue diamond almonds ad pops up right while Charly is describing her airplane horror story. WHOS RESPONSIBLE

  28. #28

    so elon musk bought twitter because he wanted there to be major changes on the platform especially when it comes to political bashing and stuff like that. People who were mad were the people who are using the platform for wrong reasons. Like putting out misinformation about politics and covid. Like just bashing peoples political views and things like that. He wants it to be a space where people can say there thoughts and not get harassed or death threats because of it. Even though it happens on all social media twitter has been a problem for awhile now.

  29. #29

    Honestly had no clue who she was and usually skip over the guest episodes but I like her vibe and she had a lot of good stories to tell!

  30. #30

    As someone else with a nut allergy just the smell makes me gag. Like even when someone swears up and down there's no nuts in a dish, I'll know because I instantly want to throw up from the smell.

  31. #31

    This is my favorite!!!

  32. #32


  33. #33

    It’s not kitchen sink it’s bathroom sink

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