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Catholic Priests Talk About Near Death Experiences | The Catholic Talk Show

Oct 2022 24

In this episode of The Talk Show, the guys are joined by Fr. , S.J. to discuss the science and spiritual aspects of near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences.

Episode 133:
In this episode, we will discuss:
• What happens during a near-death experience?
• What is the tunnel of light that people see?
• What science shows about near-death experiences
• What does The Church teach about near-death experiences?
• How often do people see during NDEs?
• And much more!

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    This is the best video I’ve seen on near death experiences and I’ve seen a lot. I could listen to Fr Spitzer talk about NDE’s all day.

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    I had a dream once where my grandfather came to me warning me about over indulging in alcohol. However I didn’t stop drinking right then and shortly after this dream I had 2 bad episodes from being heavily intoxicated. One where I had a car accident and another where I had a serious argument with my cousin, my grandads grandson. We made up after this and it was forgotten about as I reached out to him in my remorse. Thankfully I don’t drink anymore, or only take one now to pass myself. The urge to drink left me after I prayed a lot in relation to it.

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    Years ago or two years apart I had miscarriages. The Lord allowed me to see each child so I know I’ll see them again. I have a boy and a girl waiting on me in heaven.

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    I learned some things listening to this video that made so much sense to me.

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    Beautiful episode, had me in tears!!

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    In regards to what Fr. Spitzer says about doctors believing in God I know is true. I have many family and friends who are doctors. My godfather a pediatrician, and my brother's godfather, a cardiologist, who are brothers, are Catholic. They have a clinic which they named Clinic of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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    Have you ever heard of a NDE and visited by Our Lady?

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    There’s a good dvd on this topic called, “Purgatory: The Forgotten Church.”

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    I think the hats missing from near death experiences as a Catholic myself is the near dead still continue to speak with the doppleganger who doesn’t actually know it’s a doppleganger, so think think of purgatory as the description of hel in Yggdrasil as means of earlier notions of what purgatory was based on you continue a regular existance with a dopplegangerthat doesn’t know its a doppleganger or that you are either. So, essentially the guy who says oh you put my teeth in the drawer when he was clinically dead was still talking to her rather than looking upon regular life as a ghost that people don’t acknowedged, like the Egyptian ba and ka. What no one gets about purgatory is that it can also be used to spoil you so your not in a state of shock of the final resting place of heaven. Eternal life!

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    Were any of the children not baptized.?

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    Thank you 🙏

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    People you do not believe in God There are spirit trapped on Earth where the white light do not come for them

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    My dear friends you have your spirit your eyes when you pass away they are good Sharp and snappy leave it and take it for me

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    My dear friends this is not our true home we come from Heaven to learn on Earth Earth is our school and also they are many more aerth plans like this world I find you have many things to learn god is very powerful

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    Father Spitzer, I looked up AJ Ayer and I find it amusing that he wrote of his NDE, " was confronted by a red light, exceedingly bright, and also very painful even when I turned away from it. I was aware that this light was responsible for the government of the universe."

    Yet, later he wrote, "My recent experiences have slightly weakened my conviction that my genuine death, which is due fairly soon, will be the end of me, though I continue to hope that it will be. They have not weakened my conviction that there is no god."

    It's like uh, but Dr. Ayer, these are conflicting statements. You knew the light to be responsible for the government of the universe yet you are still convinced there is no God?? lol

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    ah a Jesuit talking about NDEs, this is exactly what I've been looking for! I know of the Jesuits, they are amazing! I will enjoy this video 🙂 I very much enjoyed the book Brother Astronomer by Brother Guy Consolmagno, head of the Vatican Observatory. I am not Catholic. My father is, but my other was a baptist so I was not "raised in the church"…I consider myself a Deist. But if I were to join an organized religion it would probably be the Catholic Church… 🙂

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    In January of this year my son, who is mentally challenged and suffers from seizures was fighting covid. As we were in the E.R. for a room to transfer him, he kept sitting up because he was unable to breath, I prayed to God saying, "Your Will Be Done." About an hour later he had a seizure, I stood there looking at him and a team of nurses, technicians and the E.R. doctor appeared within seconds. The doctor said to me that son had to be put on a respiratory because he stopped breathing, he asked if they could and said yes. Two nights later praying my rosary the Lord spoke to me and I saw my son with his arms in praise standing before God saying to God that he chooses to be with me! God granted his prayer and is home.

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    The triumph of the Catholic Church in Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w2YHaCN6FQ

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    What a beautiful thing our Lord does, letting children have their visions and reassuring their parents before they go. I cannot imagine losing a child, but this gift must bring great comfort to the parents at such a terrible time.

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    Why do non-catholics that have near death experiences never say they saw the saints or the Virgin Mary?

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    I had 3 miscarriages in a row. Even though God blessed us with 4 more children after my miscarriages, it was a wound that has never completely held. Listening to this show and thinking about seeing the children I lost in Heaven has given me so much comfort, healing, and peace.

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    plz change intro

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    How is it that they are seeing embodied people? Don't we have to be disembodied souls until Jesus' return? Also, maybe seems like a silly question, but are they wearing clothes and if so, where do they get them? Does the person who has the NDE experience have a body that they can see?

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    My mother had a vision. She was pass talking, moving in the hospital bed. She had stage four colon cancer, had been in hospice for almost a month. Had a orange size tumor in her colon and in her chest. As we sat with her suddenly she reaches up in the air and says “mom, dad, I can’t get there yet,”. She passed three days later after my mom’s and dad’s anniversary. We think she was hanging on for Oct. 3rd for their anniversary of 60years. She had been very excited about going to celebrate their 60th anniversary. We had been planning it. We did a little celebration in her room and whispered in her ear Happy Anniversary mom, we talk aloud in her room about how they made their 60th anniversary and what wonderful parents we had. Dad wished her happy anniversary and kissed on her, squeezed her hand. We believe she heard us and then she knew she could let go.

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    The links you mentioned are not there…

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    My wife had a crazy story about a vision of heaven in a dream. The only image that she said looked like heaven was St. Faustina's vision of heaven. There's more to the story that connected the dots. It was a gift a week after easter and it changed my life.

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    I have a question for all the Catholics. I was raised Baptist, later attended an Assembly of God church and now consider myself Non-Denominational. I do not prescribe to any doctrine other than what scripture says. I always assumed Catholics believed the same core belief of Jesus and the salvation he provided. I recently read an article written by a Catholic in which the author expressed shock that there are those who believe "Jesus is not at all dead." Are Catholics taught that Jesus came to die and then remained dead? Surely, not! Surely, they are taught about his resurrection, yes? Someone please clarify this for me!

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    There are some things I'm troubled with in the church when Jesus said make sure to not call any man father for your father is in heaven yet priests are called father, I don't know why that is. Can you please break this down using scriptures from the Holy Bible

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    This is not a near death experience but it reminds me of my son when he was 2 years old and he broke his arm and had to go through surgery. When we were home after his surgery he used to point out a small picture we had of Mother Mary on our wall and he said all the time "Doctor, Doctor", I'm conviced Our Lady was with him during his procedure 😊🙏

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    Francis Collins Francis Sellers Collins ForMemRS is an American physician-geneticist who discovered the genes associated with a number of diseases and led the Human Genome Project

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    I don't want to discount or discredit what anyone who has passed and come back has seen, I do wonder if what they saw was an illusion of Satan. I also wish to state that I do believe that there are several cases of miraculous healings of those who believed and died, so I have to believe that Christ does exist and He performs miracles. I suppose we'll ultimately have to die first , but die with faith.

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    One has to love the stupidity and lack of evidence of this. Even the overly rated Thomas would not have argued it although he may have provoked a good laugh at the refectory.

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    Very Interesting Topic My Friends! Aloha from Hawaii!

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    My grandmother my father‘s mother she became very ill due to cancer and at her moment of death she looked over at my aunt and looked in the corner and smiled Jesus is come for me and then she went with the lord

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    What an exceptionally brilliant priest..

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    Foi o Padre José Maniyangat que nos deu esse depoimento

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    When my son, at age 16, had a death experience. He says, he remembers watching him being born, his Dad and I getting married etc as a film. He was close to death for 7 months. He said, he could hear everything, even though he was in a coma, nearest to death on the coma scale, for 7 holidays time period. He said, he was not dead for long. He remembers being able to see the life flight on the helicopter. This was about the same time, I was being told by a man that came up on his wreck and told me he had no pulse etc and thought he had passed away. I started praying for my son around the same time Jacob remembers being able to watch himself on the helicopter. My son has a severe brain injury. He is a miracle. Doctors can not believe he lived. I never stopped praying for my son. I still have not stopped because he says, he doesn't believe in God. Please pray for Walter Jacob Robohn and Emily N. Bolduc. I have two children that don't believe in God.

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    Who is the giant lamb sitting on the throne that is stabbed?

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    My mom died in June of 2020 and I had a dream about her a couple weeks ago and she said when we came to the hospice to see her body that she was standing in the room with all of us. She specifically said "I was standing behind Theresa." Theresa is one of my sisters…

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