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Candle colours explained

May 2023 08

On # today, i discuss different coloured , the how and when to use each one.

# series is released weekly on a Monday.

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    It was very helpful. Thank you

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  3. #3

    Thank you 💞 God bless

  4. #4

    thank you for this video it was quite edifying i have learnt and hope to benefit from it

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    I'm really glad to find your video on candles. Just want to ask … Is it alright to pray for someone using the candle? Say if a friend suffers anxiety, then I'll pray for her and light a red candle.

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    I would love to be guided by her to the mountain's for prayer. Gogo Moyo is spiritual pure 💯 Indlozi laseMdombeni

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    This has helped me immensely. Thank you so much gogo.😘

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    Nice Hamsa hand

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    hey you didn't talk about brown candles I did enjoy this video

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    Can i have ur Whatsapp number please, i want to discuss some personal matters with u

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    Thanks my God bless u

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    I love Palo Myombe.

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    Hello ausi waka,hello everyone. Does the type of candle and scent have any negative effects? Kapa ho hlokahala tse tseo o di sebedisang feela?

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    So much confirmation for me in this video for the spiritual journey and awakening that I'm going through at this point in my life.
    Thank you so much gogo 💚
    Much 💘

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    I've always loved candles. I prefer candles over electrical lights. Now that I have a little knowledge of candles, I'm gonna start using them in colors too

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    Best explained video on candles

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    Thokoza gogo just stumbled across you video its amazing on how u explain light thank you 👏👏 now I'll keep the noise quiet…. Lesedi

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    Thokoza Gogo. When lightning any candle, do you have to pray or say something. Or u just sit there & keep quiet until it runs out or u switch it off once you feel like?

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    Thank you

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    👏👏👏👏👏Thank you so much gogo 🕯️

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    When you light up a candle, what do u say or think while lighting it up ?

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    Yesss I love candles

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    ✨I don’t know why but my focus mainly has been towards white and yellow candles I’m a beginner trying to learn as much as I can ♥️ wish everyone success in your manifesting ✨✨

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    Hey can I ask what does sneezing after ukphahla mean

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    Wow very interesting fruitful Foods ulalala ♥

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