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Calvin Harris' Near DEATH Experience Included Restarting His Heart!

Apr 2024 13

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Calvin Harris just opened up about a near-death experience he had in 2014 where he had to have his restarted by medics.

And this is even true when it comes to celebs who we feel like we know everything about.

If you were a fan of Calvin Harris back in 2014, you may have been jamming out to his song “Summer,” which was Spotify’s most-streamed track of 2014 with over 200 million streams.

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    Never heard of him. Glad he's well. I would like to hear about his NDE though.

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    Never heard of this guy…

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    Is Emile doing okay? His voice sounds different in the last couple videos. Be safe Emile. Love you

  6. #6

    Sounds like creak

  7. #7

    Wow I’m so shocked

  8. #8

    Omg early this was filmed 3 hours ago!!!

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    It’s like over decade ago that Mac Miller & avicii just passed away I don’t want anyone else to be close from dying and especially that young. People are losing each other and we just can’t stand by and let it happen. It’s sad

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    This is so sad . I'm glad that he takes care of himself and his music .

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    Wow, who disliked this?

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    Wow, nobody cared about him, not even Taylor the sweet heart of America…sad

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    Nothing breaks like a heart…

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    Glad he broke up with Taylor, this snake is insane…

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    Omg can’t lose another great artists..Avicii was too much

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    who did not Taylor shade lol,
    glad that he is okay!

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    I don't know what I would have done with myself if he actually died😕

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    What did Taylor Swift did to him?

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    subtitle your videos in Portuguese

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