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Buffalo Sacrificed For 8 Year Old Goddess!! Nepal’s Newar People!!

Mar 2023 12

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ADDRESS: Chyasal, Belachhen road, Lalitpur, Nepal
🇳🇵BARA (LENTIL PANCAKE): Add mustard oil in a hot pan, then add pancake batter (mixture of flour and water). Add green onions, carrots, cumin powder, tomato, garlic cloves, and eggs. Cook on each side for 2 minutes.
🇳🇵CHATAMARI (NEPALI PIZZA): Add mustard oil in a hot pan, then add pancake batter (mixture of flour and water). Flatten batter with spoon, then add carrots, cucumbers, garlic cloves, tomato, coriander leaves, peas, and an egg. Add salt, pepper, sesame and cumin powder.
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ADDRESS: Lalitpur 09 Chyasal, Tin Mukhi Ganesh (Old Patan)
INTERVIEWEES: Niraj Ratna Bajracharya + Mohini Bajracharya
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🇳🇵KACHILA (MARINATED RAW MINCED MEAT): Mince buffalo meat, then season with salt, garlic, cumin seeds and red chili powder. Pound the mixture, then add fenugreek seeds. Add turmeric powder to hot oil, then pour onto the meat and mix well. Top with green onions.
🇳🇵NHYAPU (FRIED BUFFALO BRAIN): Boil innards & brain, then add mustard oil and turmeric powder. Fry until golden brown.
🇳🇵HE (FRIED BUFFALO BLOOD CLOT): Add buffalo blood to the pan. Stir until the blood clots.
🇳🇵SAPU MHICHA (BUFFALO TRIPE W/ BONE MARROW STUFFING): Take a piece of bone marrow and sew it in the tripe. Boil for 10-15 minutes. Drain the water, then fry. Add salt and cumin powder.
🇳🇵CHOILA (SPICY GRILLED BUFFALO MEAT): Grill buffalo meat on a woodfire, then chop meat into smaller pieces and add turmeric powder & chili powder.
🇳🇵ME (FRIED BUFFALO TONGUE): Boil tongue. Add mustard oil to a pan, turmeric powder, and tongue meat.
🇳🇵PUKALA (FRIED BUFFALO INNARDS): Boil innards. Add mustard oil to a pan, turmeric powder, and innards.
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    Pagaloo. Ki. Duniya

  4. #4

    Bro actually met The Golden Child

  5. #5

    Lol human goddess 🤣

  6. #6

    It's not that easy these girls are being used by the priest in those temples
    They are raped and molested by those priesr

  7. #7

    Madness crazy ppl day out than way day in worshipping a child

  8. #8

    Are Kumari's get paid?

  9. #9

    Una "Kumari" diosa viviente. Una criatura inocente qué mientras no sangre sabrá ella qué es una diosa viviente, imaginense el horror y el sentimiento qué ella llegará a pasar cuando se de cuenta qué sangra y pierda sus dientes? ¡Horror! 😱

    Es por razones absurdas como estás qué la ruCa 👵 de la Brittany no cree en Dios, pues no! Está no teda eXcusa Valeria! Pues la FE es toda otra cosa. Feliz Shabbat cosita linda, pero mala y espero verte en el paraiso eterno.

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    devi venire in'Italia x mangiare bene.

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    There's only one god and it's Allah

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    @BestEverFoodReviewShow Glad you came to Nepal and tried and promoted Nepalese foods however In this episode wanted to let you know the Chatamari and Bara you tried is not the authentic and the ones which are popular among locals…. very different ingredients on the recipe you can call it a fancy or fusion one ….. I was wondering who managed or guided the spots for this episode total disgrace for Newari cuisine ..

  13. #13

    10:18 Did anybody else catch the hair that was stuck to the brains? I'm not saying anything bad about it. I used to catch my mother's hair in my food all the time. Hair or not, the food was delicious. I just pulled it out and continued stuffing my face. LOL

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    Bro should have tried kima chatamari

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    Poor Kumari can't walk can't go for playing or vicit the city stupid people that's all

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    Jaytu jaytu Maa adi shakti namah
    May mother bless everyone

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    We also hv Kumari culture in Himachal Pradesh 🇮🇳
    But with a Lil distinction

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    This girl doesn’t even have power she’s just a regular gir Indian gods are not even real or Chinese gods the only the god that is the real is Jesus🙏🏾😊

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    beef is actually banned in nepal not just because of Hinduism, but also because it's Nepal's national animal. Killing cows is illegal and you could face jail time and hefty fines.

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    Manmade God.

  22. #22

    God that cant stand own is own? Comeon my brother n sister u r not deaf dumb n blind…only deaf dumb n blind cant find the true straight path. Worship the maker who create u! Not tis girl who cant stand own his own, need food to eat then find toilet if cant find 1 then have to settle it behind the bush

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    I am hindu but this…sacrificing any living thing should be stopped atleast in our religion

  24. #24

    Child abuse in a way. Imagine not stepping out the house for 10-11 years

  25. #25

    Don't eat the brains !!

  26. #26

    How do they choose the goddess ?

  27. #27

    Poor girl is losing her childhood

  28. #28

    i am stay now nepal

  29. #29

    Her nails are not even properly brushed/colors😁

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    Exodus 20:3-10 You shall not worship any other Gods except me. “You must not make any idols. Don’t make any statues or pictures of anything up in the sky or of anything on the earth or anything down in the water…..”

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    Why not let the girl go to school….her life is doomed..

  32. #32

    I love Newari food and Newari girls!

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    My prayer is that she meets Jezus ,Jezus is her redeemer

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    From my point of view it's all a superstition believe if a girl or kumar can achieve godly power or purity than it's a miracle by which she can help the needful

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    Nepal is hindu country. Buffalo is BEEF…. Har har Shambhu

  36. #36

    Buffalo is symbol of demon darkness ignorance …so tis animal is sacrifice infront of deity speciallly infront of kali durga the female deities according to hindu culture ..bt kumari is very pure holy ..i never saw the buffalo sacrifice in front of kumari ….

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    Kinda like a tostada

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    hello namaste!
    I want to give my personal thanks for coming to visit our country Nepal and eating the traditional foods of our country and showing it to the world through your YouTube channel. Love and respect from all Nepalis. Poor in terms of economy and development, but rich in language and culture, our country is now lagging behind due to dirty politics. It is very difficult for us to preserve our tradition, art and language culture. Come to Nepal again. Tourists from all over the world come to visit Nepal and learn about its traditions and culturesI hope to see you.
    Thank you!

  40. #40

    The worst thing in any culture in this world is the worship of things, especially such superstitions

    Whoever thinks that humans are gods – when you embody God, define him, or make something and follow him, this is insignificance

    Because it is considered down content💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
    There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah💝💖💗💓💞💕

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    Poor girl. You can tell she's miserable. She's not getting to have a childhood because of someone's delusion.

  42. #42

    So happy to see own culture being promoted ❤️

  43. #43

    If she's not allowed to go outside what about her education?

  44. #44

    The picture you were using for your post looks like a pile of shit in the background behind you! It doesn’t even look like a sacrifice, more like a pile of feces, diarrhea or something

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