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BREAKING: 7 Main Reasons Why The Ethiopian Bible Got BANNED

Jun 2024 23
BREAKING: 7 Main Reasons Why The Ethiopian Bible Got BANNED

This video dives into the fascinating world of the and its Bible. We’ll explore why the Ethiopian Bible contains additional texts not found in other , and the reasons behind its unique character.

Uncover the mysteries:

The inclusion of extra books and their historical significance.
The role of language and cultural factors in shaping the Ethiopian Bible.
Debunking myths: Was it really “banned”?
Understanding the development of the Christian canon.
Join us as we explore:

The rich history of the Ethiopian Church.
The importance of these additional texts for Ethiopian Orthodox believers.
How the Ethiopian Bible sheds light on a different perspective within Christianity.
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    Look into Father Stephen De Young, he has several books covering the subject of Apocryphal books and how the cannon was established.

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    Banned by whom exactly? Clickbait bollocks.

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    Jews have an older version. We have the original.

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    When and where was it banned? By whom? Are you just making up nonsense? Is it banned in Ethiopia? Is it banned in America? Don't just make things up. Provide specific information and context.

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    "Banned"? By who? When? Texts which present "another gospel" or heretical doctrines or tenets are not counted among the canon. And for good reason.

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    There are a number of reasons the version of the Bible we have today exists. Primaraly, as i understand it, Jesus and the Apostles do make referance to or directly quote the vast majority if not all the books of the old testimate. Through these direct references at the very least these books can be confirmed to have present and taught during the time of Jesus, as such when they mention the laws and the prophets these books we have today are what they were talking about. Jude referances Enoch as a prophet and actually quotes something that was stated by Enoch. This would imply the book of Enochs presence as well. Either way, ive never read a bible that said Moses didnt write the 10 commandments, Noahs flood didnt happen, or that Jesus wasnt the Christ. While details my very, the message as a whole is the same.

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    Music overpowers story teller's voice.

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    Might be able to fool people that don't know the true word of God. I know the Ethiopian bible flaws just from the info given here

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    this is the first time I hear this about the Ethiopian Bible being banned. Actually I hardly knew anything about it at all.
    So I am most certainly going to do some research on it, I have always been very inquisitive.
    The only thing now on my mind is the question whether there are things in it that contradict the gospel of Jesus Christ's sacrifice.

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