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Breaking‼️Prophet Uebert Angel’s URGENT Prophetic Instruction For SOUTH AFRICA…

Jun 2024 10

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    Thank you for watching. Do well to watch the video to the end to get the context. Did you learn anything?? Share your thoughts in the comments. God bless you ❤
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  2. #2

    Pastor did you prophecy ur country's ans mangqangwa, and when yiu had deals with mafias from Dubai on the documentary? What makes us believe you ?

  3. #3

    Intercceed for Zimbabwe please sir

  4. #4

    He is not the first false prophet and surely not the last

  5. #5

    God loves us. Nothing bad is going to happen to South Africa. Our God talks to us too as South Africans. We cancell all the curses by the blood of Jesus. If God be for us nothing will be against us. We are not threatened by any on. We stand strong as the nation and want justice to be done

  6. #6

    He’s talking nonsense

  7. #7

    You sed u saw ANC there and you sed they can relax??really??😅😅😅😅

  8. #8

    It is anc party that took God's chosen people Israelites to court and we are asking for forgiveness for the wrongs we have done as south Africans.amen

  9. #9

    In the last days many false prophets shall arise the will claim that God sent them but He has not

  10. #10

    Tserk,you failed to pray for Zimbabwe, now you are putting your oversized nose in SA ,which is a democratic country, God must punish you,munyengeri😢

  11. #11

    This problem is symbolically seen when we see our president bowling with the Muslims and praying to their God.

  12. #12

    Lord have mercy in South Africa

  13. #13

    Prophet abraham from Zambia said God will bless South Africa with more of is wealth and grace don't be diseved

  14. #14

    Those background voices 😂😂

  15. #15

    The Chaos has to take place b4 the reboot…South Africa is going to reboot in a few months…but in the end we will be truely free it's about our land,our children's future for that we are willing to die we are not scared we welcome the chaos it's an early simptom to change for the greater good…not everything that is chaotic is bad…this chaos you God showed you is a new South Africa that will emerge after the chaos the true freedom we all hv been yearning for

  16. #16

    Zimbabwean prophets are agency of fear and hate

  17. #17

    God have mercy upon your children they must maditate upon your word so they must not be cheated. I heard a clip where he was talking about Beyonce but to my surprise he know all the songs for her he even sang them whilst preaching. The word of God says my people will perish because of lake of knowledge. Enough is enough with this lies. Prophecy about Zimbabwe, you are a Zimbabwean I believe if you are really a prophet of God you will pray for your country and God will interfere.

  18. #18

    A prophet will go in his corner after seing all this and pray. This is just one way of perpetrating. South Africa is a joke straight. His building adeas into politicians mind. If you are a man of God go into your corner and prevent not proving.

  19. #19

    Lying chalattans!!!

  20. #20

    Please keep your prophecy in Zimbabwe n to those we believe in you. What bothers u hence u are a Zimbabwean

  21. #21

    Dobt understand how people fall for these scams

  22. #22
  23. #23

    Y are all this African prophets prophesying South African politics and celebrities and not their own countries,very funny

  24. #24

    I stand to be guided guys ,this man of God ' last prophecy he said Ramaphosa is going to win this election and was waiting curiously to see if my homeboy is accurate on this one. Only to find that Ramaphosa is like a repelled atom trying to reach out to opposition for a coalition.

  25. #25

    If people would listen. Now the elections are over and some still don't listen.
    Your pride South Africans will make you see wht you were not suppose to see.
    If you listen very well. He said ANC will be leading in elections but there is need of unit. ANC and some parties must unite and form one thing. I didn't want to believe it just like many people but ummmmm this is taking shape….

  26. #26

    I can't wait for Gayton Mackenzie to be a Minister of Home affairs and deal with these Churches run by illegal foreign pastors……They are really needed in their countries

  27. #27

    This prophet is inspiring.❤❤❤❤

  28. #28

    Then we need to ask God to help us to remove this ANC because they rigged the elections. He must punish bussinessmen who helped ANC to rig the elections and not punish innocent people. Maybe in that way things will be better

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    As south africans we need to stop standing with Palestine especially us christians we need to chose jesus not them

  30. #30

    God please forgive my country

  31. #31

    Soo isreal use weapons to kill Palestine but South africans said isreal should stop the killings is it a crime

  32. #32

    I pray for mercy for my Country 🙏🏿✨

  33. #33

    Matsotsi Aya who call unto the name of God in vain. These are worse than Pharisees

  34. #34

    This clown calls himself “prophet “. What a joke!!!

  35. #35

    No man can is bigger than God n lsrael is not special to God every human being is special,which lord are talking about. Demons u fool everyone but not God

  36. #36

    You are a lair🎉

  37. #37

    This guy is full of shit.

  38. #38

    The ANC is cursed

  39. #39
  40. #40

    false prophet who hear nothing from God

  41. #41

    What about Zimbabwe were you came from bad country but you pray no chanceges. GOD care about people. Is your Magicnitoin is no DOD please preech gospel.

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  43. #43
  44. #44

    South Africans can we stop listening to all these prophets prophecing about us as if we can't hear God.

  45. #45

    Oh my and I had a strong feeling that that president of South Africa..has started making wrong moves. Rising against ISRAEL

  46. #46

    Wonderful and powerful . Politics is not from God

  47. #47

    No why ninga prophesy yr Countries because yr dying there with Hunger yu guys are very about the affairs of South Africa while yu have yr own problems..we sick nd tired

  48. #48

    May all fake prophets get exposed.

  49. #49

    God promote killing that what basically his say…I totally disagree.

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