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Black Jesus?: The Truth Behind Nipsey Hussle’s Spirituality

Apr 2023 19

The truth behind Nipsey Hussle’s Afrocentric Spirituality revealed through the candid conversations of his mother Angelique Smith.

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    1 John 4:3
    but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.

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    he was satanic pretending to be good

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    nipsey was a false preacher; because he stole songs from me

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    They r orthodox christians

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    black people playing with God

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    Me personally I don’t believe nipsey believed in one thing he showed love to all faiths buh more so I’ve heard him mention Jesus Christ and god more than anything even in some of his songs that aren’t released

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    I believe in the same thing he’s definitely a chosen star seed we almost share the same bday

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    He's mentioned God and Christ so many times in songs . A million he said he repented

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    Only Jesus Christ is the true way ✝️Eritrean

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    In light of some of the comments, especially coming from the abrahamic religions (judaism, christianity & islam) this must be said: "The eyes are useless when the mind is blind!" – Peter Tosh, founding member of the Wailers.

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    I think I will marry an Eritrean man just because of Nipsey hahahaha😁😁😁😘.. something about the way he is cool and collected… I love a man with a heart of Gold that never forget where he is coming from and he might be dead but never ever will he be forgotten ❤⚘🌸😚💌🌹🎶🎼✌👏🙏🎧

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    I love him and I must visit his home town L.A. and Ethiopia…. 😢😢😢😢

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    JESUS CHRIST is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. No one can made it to GOD but by HIM. Neither is there SALVATION in any other, for there is none other name given among men whereby we must be SAVED!!!!

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    No good deed can save. Only Jesus saves

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    Jesus is the only way. Lets believe on Him and Him alone

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    The fact that the Government uses all these Egyptian symbols dont sit well with me cause I know they evil Jesus is the way truth and light.

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    All the other teachings mean nothing if you don’t have the blood on you. The blood of Yahusha Ha Maschiach literally saves you from the destroyer when he comes, it will see the blood and Passover you. So that’s why I plead the blood over myself every day and over my circumstances and repent. I believe this is why sometimes so called “good people” die as Nipsey did, he may not have had the blood and was not sold out completely to belief in Christ. It’s dangerous for a powerful person like Nipsey to gain popularity but then give us these false religions and cause Gods ppl to fall in to more sin. The Heavenly Father does not want that. God could have shielded him but he chose not to. The word says for my ppl perish for lack of knowledge. I like Nipsey and I wish I understood him more on the spiritual side. This is just my opinion not trying to speak negatively at all.

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    Nipsey Hussle Mama’s Occult Luciferian Religion https://youtu.be/r0-BHlO5eRs

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    He ain’t Jesus listen to any song he a gangster

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    He's not dead.

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    If he rapped about money,drugs hoes then he ain't no angle

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    no disrespect bro but I can tell you have no understanding of real knowledge just about calling him a black Jesus when the real Jesus was black so I can't watch this video bro peace 💯

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    This is the time we need to be praying about your hands pray for yourself pray for your loved ones pray for the government pray for the presidents pray for everyone secret society the Illuminati we're going to start praying for everyone we want to bring these Wicked evil spirits out of people we want to start living for one another and helping one another we're not going to keep killing each other it does not make sense I mean y'all sacrifice and kids and babies so sick

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    The government is not the higher power God is I love my teaching God bless you all and you won't do s*** to me cuz I'm protected by God and if anybody come my way they're going to wish they never did okay I haven't seen people come my way next thing I know they wasn't here anymore I have a whirlwind over me and is nothing and I'm saying is wrong I am teaching you all to live in this land as God want us to I know it's going to be some wickedness but it's just too much evil and wickedness now because you are letting the devil use you all stop letting the devil use you all the devil ain't got no power over you if you week of course the devil is going to take control over you cuz you're weak.

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    Is it going to take floods and hurricanes and singing loved one died for you to call on God now I don't wait has the more I may be too late and like I said when God come God is nothing to play with I can see God coming and everybody in the higher power in this land the devils I can see God just doing bonfires just fires that's all I can see I don't see anything else I don't see water when I see the government in the higher power the Illuminati and the wicked people getting bomb Firestone on them and everything is just being burnt yeah don't be playing with God the devil's will not win leave God's children alone please you all take everybody in the entertainment world then you all use and abusing you coca mop you fought them in the ass you f*** him in the mouth that is devil worshipping you won't even sacrifice kids and that is very evil and wicked soul for real for real God deserves to do whatever to you all you deserve what you get your not the higher power

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    Yeah God is telling the prophet to tell you people out there do not keep playing with God because God is near and you know I don't play with God I tell my God everyday God protect me keep me from the evil and wickedness in his land because I know my God has been good to me so I can't do nothing but work and serve not God's the one who brought me in this world and the one who want to take me out do you want understand me I ain't no devil take you all out you are allow the devil to take you out because you all keep serving the devil and when you're serving at Zazzle goggle put a blockage on you you're not going to be able to get to God God is going to hear you and isn't going one ear and out the other like you all do God you don't run anything in his land a lot of you all shouldn't even be in this land but you're here for a reason and it's God's reason and whenever God is done with you God can take you out that goes for the government's the FBI the CIA that preaches anybody out here that's doing wickedness you are being watched by the higher power and never ever forget that and God say I am tired of these people in my land with all this wickedness lies and destruction when are y'all going to wake up is it going to take God knocking at your door for you to wake up and call on God what is it going to take my people what is it going to take my people for you all to get it together with God you are false hypocrites

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    Is the speakerphone I am a very intelligent woman but I do not like going backwards but what I'm trying to teach you all out here and maybe God uses this internet for a reason because I enjoyed teaching and preaching but what I'm trying to teach you all is we have to stop depending on all this devil evil wickedness out here even if we see this Stiles let's just stop believing too much of it and start praying for one another because you know like we just have to stop killing each other y'all y'all are doing the work of the devil in my God, it ain't going to be nothing nobody going to be able to do because my God come and a God destroy you all you're not going to be no part of this land to even do wickedness there is a true God people God is real and God is near look at all these hurricanes that occurred look at all these houses that was burnt down look at everything that have floods God work God God said he's going to destroy all the wickedness in his land now I want you people out here to thank for a minute how do you want to be destroyed by water by fire by when it makes you think don't it do not keep playing with God

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    When y'all need a true preacher a real woman from God somebody who can save anybody anybody that's calling on the true higher power do you understand what I'm saying God is send that angel to say Z I feel like we saving a brother in the Unseen I really feel like deep in my heart there doing all this to try to harm him or to try to harm someone close to him but we're not going to keep playing the devil kill our people we got to pray for our people God bless you Nipsey Hussle God bless your family and if I said anything out the way maybe I said it is save you because the devil is busy and it devil will use anyone and maybe they was aiming to care Nipsey Hussle or maybe Nipsey Hussle knew something was going wrong in his life and he said if I got a fake my death to live then that's what I got to do I'm not blaming and knocking no one for what they're doing but was really starting to be disturbing to me is you Waukee speak in death amongst this man don't do that leave him alone let him be okay let him find peace in his life let God stop bringing us out of our situations and stop depending on the wicked Devils out here okay

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    I just want to say God bless Nipsey Hussle cuz sometimes we don't know what the devil is doing in the end sing only God knows the Unseen it's so much wickedness out here so much evilness is so sad this is why we must pray for one another instead of us condoning into the lies in the b***** we need to be praying for Nipsey because it's too much attention on him right now you know I appreciate everything that he's doing for the community but it's it's bigger than what you want can even imagine is not about what he's doing for the community to the wickedness and what the devil is doing in the Unseen is what they're trying to do look at the big picture God bless you all

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    We are spiritually people there is to me no such thing as religion is just that a lot of different ethics of people have different beliefs and different ways of celebrating our God if you look it is a lot of names that we differently people call our gods but Jesus Christ is not of our God if you're spiritually because that is the devil's work Jesus Christ came doing slavery it was done to be wicked and evil so you're telling me you believe in Jesus Christ you must believe in child molestation we are spiritually people with the higher power you all need to get into your history okay to stop feeding into all this nonsense on the internet

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    First of all is Nipsey Dead or Alive we're not going to keep speaking def on this man okay secondly from what I have seen and notice about him he is a good guy from God and for the most part if he's Muslim or whatever his ethic is he probably believe in Allah yeah sure the truth the higher power the spiritually world it's deeper than what you are thinking okay we are spiritually people and when you show your gratitude to the community no matter what your personal business is on no matter what you choose to do that doesn't matter you're not out here killing people you're not out here raping molesting your doing good good deeds to the community and you may have put yourself in a situation in life and you may realize that this was not the best decision that I made for my life and we call on all most high the true power

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    This character called Nipsey Hussle, I find very puzzling. He never used his influence to help his people back home in Eritrea Africa, if truly he is from there like he claimed.
    As we speak, his people are struggling to cross the saharan desert via libya to Europe and in the process they are taken as slaves , imprisoned and have their organs harvested or killed outright. Those ones that escape slavery or being killed, some amongst them, end up in the mediterranean sea or finally enter into europe if they are lucky. One would have expected him to use his influence in drawing the attention of hollywood and the world to the plight and dystopia of his people, since he is was that influential and like farrakhan said," his story will change the history of the world, not to further mention their foolishness, in pronouncing on him the title, " black jesus". So called Nipsey Hussle never did!
    There was surely something fishy about the background of this chap. I believe he was propped up to accomplish a certain a goal within the black community which only himself , his enablers and influencers know about.
    That's why people need to be careful and ask questions – question everything and try to find out why in the first instance such is happening and stop the "herdlike" following and responses/ reactions of "the crowd" to the sudden appearances on the scene of strange CHARACTERS and individuals without at least, finding out who the hell they really are!
    Blacks really need to wake up!

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    There may be many "Man Made Gods or Deities" among us but there is Only One Father God, Begotten Son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit together they are "The Trinity" and function in sync to form one. Exodus 20:3-5, John 3:16, John 16:7.
    Researching on your own and testing those among you is the "Real Way To Stay Woke!" Folks running around Spiritually Confused in the streets and in the churches because they take "Billy Bob's and Sally Mae's" word as truth without putting in the time to VERIFY if their right or wrong!

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    Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6. There is ONLY one way to God, is by having faith in ONLY Jesus Christ (God in the flesh). Without Christ, we are destined to eternal Hell (separated from God forever). If what Nipsey’s mother says about her beliefs and if that is his belief as well, he’s separated from God in eternity forever in Hell. Our ancestors can’t give us access to Our Creator, why? They were only human and a sinful man, not Jesus Christ, who died for the sins for the entire world.

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