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Billy Carson, translating ancient tablets #4biddenknowledge #ancient #history #bible #religion

May 2024 16


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    Buy compendium of the emerald tablets by Billy Carson 👇🏾

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    Thank you, Billy

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    I'm so excited that we get to know the truth ….this is freaking amazing….
    Most don't believe it when I tell them…they just think I'm on drugs….but I'm telling all I can….I'm just like a kid in a candy store….. awesome

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    There are also fake tables too

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    They are the fallen angels

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    If Billyy was a detective, in major crime unit, alot of folks would jammed up..

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    I still struggle with what exactly they did, and also with the truth being in these tablets. There's so much written by aliens that was also not true such as the Christian doctrine that we were all born evil and needed a savior. No doubt it was written just wonder what is true. My understanding from the real God is that they may have slightly edited us, but they didn't create anything. He created us, and he created them. We shouldn't give them too much credit, and understand their intentions were not really good for us most of the time and for the most part.

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    That is right 😮wow

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    I think that whats in all these bags on all these pictures and statues contain tablets or arders off a god kind that sort of thing

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    I have photos of massive tablets the size of the side of someone's house of these kinds of tablets..that line a massive corridor …in the Vatican. I didn't know enough about them but I knew there was something wrong about it all.

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    I want to change my genetics, is that possible?

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    What is your understanding of jesus?

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    That guy in the picture wasn't even him 💀💀💀

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    I'm from Oxford and have work in the ashmolean museum. Never knew this was there.. Will be looking for it when i go

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    I asked chatgpt to write a story in cuneiform and it did no problem. That's crazy.

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    A genuine researcher, he knows what he talking about.

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    Another proof that UK and US are thiefs

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    That s great though the translation might be not proper oscillating between wrong, partly correct, and right. Anyway great.

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    I feel what he’s saying but I don’t care what writings from any civilizations are studied does that undoubtedly mean the absolute truth for all of humanity?!

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    So how can we teel its transleted right, or who knew this language before?

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    He literally didn’t say anything out of the norm in this clip and you people are still hating lol

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    Chinese whispers the game. everything gets change down the ages how do we know its the truth who's to say it was reinterpreted like the Bible and menny more books

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    That is not truth!

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    When you start realizing these where written under the authority of nimrod it starts making a lot more sense

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    Pure BS. There are NO beings living on ANY planets! 😅😂

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    That's says "Thong" she was the AZZ deity 😂

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    How do we know its truth thou ???

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    "I have been in the ( .|. ) arsemolian museum in Cambridge" … Believe me bro, I know it all

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    Where can I find one and how much they worth

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    Nope! Not true. Go look for yourself.

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    I am Sick of living under a rock my whole life…n
    Now and for the first time..
    I am going to start living my life under a tablet

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