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Beyond My Dreams (Ancestors & Dreams)

Mar 2023 28

This is a documentary by Mxolisi and Gogo Moyo for a post graduate qualification shot in 2013. We investigate the relation of dreams and how ancestors connect with you through dreams.


--CopyRights: https://heruinterface.com/beyond-my-dreams-ancestors-dreams/


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    Hahah the beginning

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    Thokoza gogo I've got this problem when I see someone who's going initiation like thwasa who is wearing sangoma clothes I cry I feel sad pls help I don't know what going on with me

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    Thokoza Gogo!!!..Thank you for enlightening us!.You are such a blessing!.

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    This was affirmative , i remembered something important . This made me cry , thokoza 🕯

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    Thank you, this was very enlightening🙌

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