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Behind the Flame// The Symbolic Meanings of Candle colors

Mar 2024 28

Candles have a symbolic meaning. They come in a variety of colors and scents. The candle colors have intriguing meanings. Next time you walk into the store to buy a candle, you gotta know why you are buying or choosing to buy a particular candle color and for what purpose. It is also believed that candles kind of have some spiritual powers. There is power in lighting candles! What colors are best for you? Watch the video to the end so that you get an idea about the meanings of different candle
colors. I only got four colors: , , blue candle and . Get some candles and light them along with me! Let’s break down together. What do the standard colors mean? Pay attention and read your . Do you know how to interpret your candle burn?

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    Behind the Flame// The Symbolic Meanings of Candle colors

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