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Back to sender using alligator pepper “use only this two items and send them back to sender

Mar 2023 30

Use this alligator pepper and sand to send everything they did against you back to sender to them.

alligator pepper is a spirit and sand represent the earth.

this will be a powerful one if you put your energy in it



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    Nice video but pls remember we use data to watch u, ur voice low and too slow. Thank you

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    Thank you 🙏 You’re Correct” I am not here by accident “ I mistakenly Clicked on your Channel I thought that you were Some one else!…matter of fact I clicked another channel ,I was about to Change ,then I decided against it…and I have learnt something differently…Now I have Subscribed…Blessings and Love ❤️…Have a Great Day!💛🌹🌼❤️❤️

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    Can i do this in my room because we have a lot of people in my compound

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    I wish I could understand what she is saying her accent is heavy 😭.
    I got pepper in my cabinet 🤦🏽‍♀️.
    Someone send me a spell to return what ever energy this is.

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    Hi can you do a demonstration with the sand.

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    What if l don't know the person, how do l return the evil back to sender

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    What time should someone do it,I mean the best time to do this in a day???

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    Please can i have your whatsapp number

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    Thank you Evelyn your instructions have been very helpful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Please do a video about spiritual awakening waking you after 12 am -4 am

    I am just understanding there is something happing spiritually

    Thank you

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    What should I do with the remaining in my mouth,could I wash my mouth after doing it

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    How can open my 3rd eyed

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    Thank you so much. Just this evening my brother said, he returned to see some sort of jazz by the door and my folks were inside. So he called my parents so everyone came out to pray. Can they do this tonight? They live upstairs, will they take sand from outside and place on the floor in the house to do this or what pls?

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    Thanks, but I wish to find out what time do I do the back to sender, I also wish to know how to open my third eye please help me. Thanks

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    How do I reach you on WhatsApp please?

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    Good morning mma. Pls my enemy have send a spiritual sickness into my body . pls how can I do back to sender

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    What is your WhatsApp number pls

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    Is there any way you can see whoever is behind your wahala?

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    Thanks for your explanation and empowerment. I'm confident i would get my God-given destiny stolen from me back.

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