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Are Blacks secretly indoctrinated into Luciferian Cults by their Black Entertainers?

Mar 2024 31

If you understand signs and catch phrases Luciferian cults & , you can answer question, Are Blacks secretly indoctrinated into Luciferian Cults by Entertainers? YOU BEEN WARNED!!!!!


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    2 Esdras 6:54-59 KJVA

    54 And after these, Adam also, whom thou madest lord of all thy creatures: OF HIM COME WE ALL, and the PEOPLE ALSO WHOM THOU HAST CHOSEN. (MEANING: the 12 BLACK TRIBES i.e. HOUSE OF ISRAEL – ONLY)!

    55 All this have I spoken before thee, O Lord, because THOU MADEST THE WORLD FOR OUR SAKES. (MEANING: the 12 BLACK TRIBES i.e. HOUSE OF ISRAEL – ONLY)!

    56 As for the other people, WHICH ALSO COME FROM ADAM, THOU HAST SAID that THEY ARE NOTHING, but be like unto SPITTLE (SPIT): and hast likened the abundance of them unto a drop that falleth from a vessel.

    How can anyone argue with that? You CAN NOT!!!

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    Adam and Ewe were black. Even more they were close to Bushman or Aboriginos. These are the people of Eden. Ask them, they know.

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    Wil Smith is trying to proclaim himself to be godlike! Sick man…

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    Oh my! Blasphemy with a beat!
    Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing people!!!!

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    Who knew that there were so many active cults in the Black community.

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    Well one thing I have to say when it comes to GOD men, wemen, laws of morality are pretty much established by the roles of life that we have to do. When it comes to satin there's no rules man can be a woman and woman man. Look at the documentary at this man who looks like a woman it's sick that's why our society in America is destroying itself because of man and woman could do anything you want to do. He's an example Will Smith his son is named Jaden named after Jada his mother a girls name and he looks like a girl,and now states he's in love with another older man ,his daughter is name Willow which is named after her father Will and has a shaved head like a man. That's what satin wants to do just flip flop the natural order of things. In the black community black celebrities are used to destroy the black family what's left. The white celebrities are used to destroy the white family and so on an so on.

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    What is wrong with "Do as thou wilst"? All I see that is being able to do what you want to do. As for these rappers. I do believe that they are being indoctrinated in the illuminati some knowingly and some unknowingly, and "Satan" doesn't exist. Idiot!

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    It can only effect you if you believe life is better in the afterlife. If you remove heaven, hell and the bible all you have left is God.

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    Hey, why is everything racist just people someone uses the word Black? He/she is not a racist; just a person providing an opinion. Take the time to look up stuff because that's not Armenians but Amanians so how do you know he's/she's White?

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    Hey, LOL 0:22 looks sort of like Shanaynay off of Martin. Snakes aren't suppose to have lips. I know you didn't draw it but it still looks funny lol.

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    What I noticed with some people is that they will go and join anything as long as they can get money, even if it includes doing things that are completely against their principles….The main reason why some people are referred to as sheep.

    Those demons are real and not to be joked about with.

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    Are whites secretly retarded? This video suggests so. First: Your bitch ass god is a lie and you are stupid for believing all the PEOPLE (not gods or devils or angels) telling you what to believe. Second, you racist piece of shit, are you fucking for real? Check out some black metal. Mostly white continents. ALL antichristianity, many pretending to worship "satan" but none really believe in such ridiculous horse shit.

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    Satanism..hmmm yes another church accepted by alot out there.

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    I'm raised to believe in the bible and god and now like everything else we told is not right you say god doesn't exist? I was always taught man made bible off fear. One thing I don't like is to have my head or my heart toy with. Now I understand why they sit on clock towers with alcohol and a high power rifle cept shoot the fuckers that are lying. I'll just keep believing whats right and know whats wrong and do my time here till that day come.

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    It would be a little less racist sounding if you called it "is America pushing satanism?" or "is the entertainment industry pushing satanism on Americas youth?" why even ask a question, we both know the answer is yes.

    Good points in your video.

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    I wish you didn't say "blacks". Clearly, as seen in this video, it isn't all black people perpetrating this message. Modern satanism doesn't begin with Jay z and Marilyn Manson. I believe it really blew up in the sixties with Timothy Leary touting "do what though wilt" and "do strange drugs" you notice at the same time LSD came out there was a major flux of witchcraft, satanism, and drug addiction. also look at the white house, the streets around it make a pentagram with the house at the bottom.

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    Gods and Demons are creatures of foolish imagination.
    Adam and Eve are Persian myth.
    Lucifer is the planet Venus and not a real being.

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    Scary stuff. Eye opening.

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