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Animism and African Spirituality – What is Animism?

Apr 2023 11

It’s another Wednesday, and we’re back on the #AfricanSpirituality series. I’ll be sharing my experience/understanding of animism and the core foundation of African spirituality.
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    As an African American animist, I would love if more African Americans embraced animism. I believe it can also aide us in healing of our trauma

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    I consider myself an animist 🥰💕💕

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    How to become an animist ?

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    How do you become animist ?

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    Hello my Cameroonian sister,
    This was great video and explains why I was drawn to the CREATOR and the elements as a youth. I went into religion for some years but was called back to Spirituality.

    Keep the good work up! 🇨🇲

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    Here's some real insight some people think like this "If this thing doesn't bring me something it's not worth believing in." In other words does it work? That's how I think.

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    where did this animistic view of stuff really originate from since its considered prehuman ? I do not
    really get its origin

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    I’m white. Animist spirituality had to do with conspiring and adopting the spirit of animals, trees, rocks. Everything has a spirit that can adopt the ‘form’ of any living thing. If we listen, we hear. In all things. Even violence and hatred has a ‘form’ or nature.
    So I have heard anyways.

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    do animism deal with the orishas?

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    "You take life to add to life" I appreciated that. It's powerful

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    Thank you so much. You and your explanation are beautiful!

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    You amaze me girl!! I'm smiling right now. 😀
    I subscribed 😉

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    I'm a pagan and an animist and I love you and your spirit ahahaha thank you for this video ❤

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    Ahhhm…jesus healed blind with his hands so he was a male witch that is a fact.i communicate with the dead and so do my children my eldest child communicates with animals and rocks like i do😍 I made all white birds fly in a circle and crows in the shape of a diamond.birds have bowed to me to pick up feathers.and once i picked up the feather they looked at me and went away.one time a single fire fly flew by the person sitting next to me and stopped directly infront of me right by my eyes it stood their in the same spot moving its wings then slowly IT moved its butt forward 3 TIMES and after a few minutes it flew away.i have a video of one incident😍stay blessed 🙌

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    Such wisdom. Thank you

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    BL -Entities?? Sounds like demons and Satan's ideas. I am reminded of who created me everyday he blesses me, protects me and loves me enough to die for my sins. Therefore because I believe in him and have been baptized and by grace I am saved. Who is this?? Jesus the Savior and King, God our heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.

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    keep up the good work

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    I think you did a great job explaining. Thanks for making this video 💗

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    Sweetheart, I hope you read message. And this is not being negative on your channel, but dear there is no truth about what you speak; there is no truth in animism — for many reasons. The truth of this our world is that, "mankind" is created here on Earth after Human has been on Earth. After the previous advanced Human civilization has been destroyed. Mankind is divided in two sides, which is why you have the separation of Old testament and New testament — and the division of Eastern world versus Western world that's been in our world, and the wars between them. Mankind is created by the Anunnaki here, who are satellite beings, watchers. The Anunnaki is also called the Nummos, who are not humans and are water beings. That is why you'll find the figure "Jesus" to be represented by a "fish" symbol: https://www.google.com/search?q=anunnaki+fish&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjwotCX7-TeAhXKna0KHVHHAw0Q_AUIDigB&biw=1366&bih=675 They are what you've come to know religiously as "angels".
    2) https://www.google.com/search?biw=1366&bih=675&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=lvz0W8jsBoPetQWwhrK4Dg&q=jesus+fish+symbol&oq=jesus+fish+symbol&gs_l=img.3..0l4j0i8i30j0i24l5.69824.77404..77739…1.0..1.201.3262.0j26j1……2….1..gws-wiz-img…..0..0i67j35i39j0i10i67.m-LmaOM5Vsc

    *"Mankind" is from a white race and they are created here on Earth to teach Human certain things for a period of time*. Another branch is created to destroy Human — that's the branch of those beings that you've come to know religiously as the "devil". You'll find the Pope's hat to be in the form of a head of a fish.

    Listen, the secrets of this world are unfathomably deep. And some notion of "animism" is a joke, in terms of our reality as Human, you follow sweetheart? Animism is subintelligence. The reason is because ONLY the Human has that which is a "soul", ONLY and I stress only the Human has a soul. And that is what makes Man God. Even those beings in the link above don't have a soul, much less matter and plants and other inert organism. Come to the truth, sweetheart, this thing you're teaching is adding to the confusion of man, and it cannot last a second in the face of those with ACTUAL knowledge. What you may mean is that every matter has energy within it — but not a soul; and "energy", while it can be moved and transferred, is ABSOLUTELY not a soul — The latter pertains to only the Human being. Even "mankind" on Earth don't have a full Human soul, as they are partly the descent of the Anu / Angel — and that is why they lack spirituality to a great degree. And that is also the reason you heard of UFO activities around here. Those are soul-less entities produced by the "devil"/Angel/Anu/Anunnaki side. But white governments are hiding it.

    Animism if for a level of being/Human that has not achieved a certain level of enlightenment/intellect yet. But in terms of knowledge, this planet that is Earth is the host of Man, Adam, and Mankind — the latter two being the creation of the creation of Man — hence, Jesus is the Son of Man. You understand, sweetheart! That's fact, the white person knows this, the top leaders of mankind knows that they descend from the Anunnaki, they are not of Earth. Just as some of us Human are descendants of those that are not of Earth. No mountain made itself here, or is responsible for itself here, no tree, no bird, no rivers, NOTHING that something called Animism claims to have a soul. They are ALL the creation of Ahmun/Man/God. Ahmun is God! And that's the ONLY truth there is dear. And that's why everyone says Ahmen after a prayer.
    If you can point, to any animism group that has any substantial knowledge of the matters of life, then you might begin to have a small case, if you can point to any such group that is well-off and prosperous in life, then you have a slight argument; if you can point to any rock, plant, mountain, river, beast or the likes that has done anything on their own and has maneuvered life for the welfare of Human being, you then might have a slight argument for animism. But you cannot, dear. This is the world of Ahmun, our ancestors, and The Lord Christ, the Anu, the creator of mankind, and Yahweh the Serpent the father of Adam…. and sweetheart, believe it or not ONLY THESE three IN FACT have power over this world — not rocks and rivers on their own. You'll find "mankind" to be very advanced technologically in contrast to Blacks; that is because technology and the production of material things is there branch as the Anunnaki. The Human side is the spiritual/immaterial/biological branch, it's life! But You'll never find a group practicing animism to be excel in either. Because again, there is absolutely no truth about such. Again, "energy" is not "a soul", and left-alone, energy is stagnant. Alright, dear! It's nice that you want to teach, but please teach the truth, teach the truth of Man, which is the ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE of "Space, Hydrogen, Energy, and Matter" — which are what you've come to know religiously in Vodun as "Earth, fire, water, and air". The full knowledge of such, makes us God. A knowledge that we use to have in the past.

    Lastly, you said animism is a belief system… indeed, it is! But beliefs are not truth. And, love, we Human, at our true state don't deal with "beliefs"; we deal with truths and facts. Beliefs is not for us, it for "mankind"; as mankind is a "created" being, from us. But we, Human, are NOT created. We simply be! Also, dear, spirituality has NOTHING to do with "beliefs".

    Please, msg me so you learn the entire secret TRUTHS of our world.

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    Do you have any books recommendations on this topic/ subject?

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    I am extremely grateful that you have delved into animism. It's really more vital for the Westerner especially the melanated brothers and sisters to know and to learn and to understand that which we come from I'm looking forward to your next video

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    I love your channel. thank you for this video

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    Does this mean I shouldn't kill spiders in my house? Lol…. interesting video

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