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Ancient Egyptian Religion vs Christianity – The Story Between Horus and Jesus

Apr 2023 26

Let’s Go Back To Ancient History and Compare Ancient Egyptian Religion (Horus) with Modern Religion Christianity (Jesus) … Be Prepared To Be Surprised! Must See!! (Re- Uploaded)


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    Best mysterious music ever..

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    I don't understand your point. The truth of Creation has been affecting man since the beginning. Of course there will be parallels in the past. Jesus even referred to them. God has been around a long time.

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    Nice video, I think all religion borrows from one another and creates their spin on it.

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    I wish this video would just get to the facts instead of going on about the lies. They lost me at "Egyptians invented religion," man has had religion since the beginning of time.

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    Half informations

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    This is because it all started in ancient Mesopotamia. The Jesus of the bible has NOTHING in common with Egypt gods.

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    Really loved the video man! I’m Al about learning about other religions and I always hear how Christianity is so similar to Egyptian religion!

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    All poured concrete/ granite. Printed scripts with clay molds. Watch pyramid 4K 2019

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    ❤❤❤❤❤ 2022

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    Thx for truth buddy!

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    A very informative documentary. Please add audio commentary.

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    Or it is one story and all religions are one.

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    There is a handsome new book of 224 pages with 185 brilliant color plates titled "Sacred Deities of Ancient Egypt" that illustrates in illuminating color photographs and detailed text the lives and beliefs of the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. Many of the photos of the actual tombs and hieroglyphics have never been reproduced before. The book ia available through Fine Arts Press.

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    This is clearly meant to be mythology the gospel are writen as history not mythology

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    It is funny how you try to fit things into others, like Jesus as a lamb vs. Orus as a Falcon. Also, please, you all sckeptic people, start differenting between what is Catholicism imagery (which was fabricated and you can probably discuss with your Egyptian logic) and what it is not. The Bible shows completely different notions than catholic's since the Catholic Religion included many traditions overtime that were not preached by Jesus. (my apologies if catholics read this = it is not my intention to judge but it is to mention that historical paganism fits with historical catholic add-ons which is matter to think about and see if you are getting Jesuschrist's gospel truly). Thanks for the presentation, thou.

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    Foda se religião foda se jesus imaginário 😌🥳😂

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    So who is the true god ?

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    Wow omg! I realised this all!!

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    Egypt +Hindu+Budha+Jain+Sikh=Sanatan dharma ki jai

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    If you believe in King Yahushua Of Nazareth, you shall be saved, and have eternal life. Yahushua is Jesus real name. And to Mother Moon Goddess Aset, or Moon Goddess ISIS, her greek name, and Father on the great white throne, Father Yahuwah. Amen. Christ wants us to give up all of our belongings, and follow him. Amen.

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    This video is a comparison of ancient Egyptian religion and Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholicism is a mix of Christian and old pagan religions, so this video is inaccurate in it's comparisons, they don't relate to biblicle texts.
    Moses wrote on tablets like Egyptian did because he was from Egypt. Raised there as an Egyptian prince, before he lead others who were descendants of Abraham (Jewish slaves) out of Egypt. That god you mentioned is Amun, not Amen

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    Christianity are a plagiarized of old kemet.

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    JESUS is the only begotten son of JAH and JESUS give us eternal life after death.Ever since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden we were told of his coming and all the empire of the earth started depicting JESUS…

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    Also thoes are animal masks for the egyptians bruh we didnt come from animals

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    This video is not factorial as some of the proof (pictures) could very well be cgi

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    My Bible Says, “IN THE BEGINNING.” For it was Moses who wrote Genesis & Exodus and it was Moses who had DIRECT communication with God and God Himself told Moses what to write in Genesis. So it begs the question, who was first, God or kemet????????????? 🤔

    And last but not least, let’s not forget Exodus and how [the Hebrew’s God] showed out and silenced the Egyptian gods.

    This is why Israel was constantly reminded of Exodus when they started to lose their focus. In other words, don’t forget the God for whom you serve, the One & Only Supreme God you delivered you out of the land of Egypt with a show of unmatchable power.

    kemet is child’s play. There’s no comparison. Only one truth and that is the Bible.

    Get Foreal

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    You ever questioned why ALL the Sun symbols on the walls and temples of Egypt are ALL RED?

    Not 🌞…

    The Aten is not the Sun

    It's the same God of Aleister Crowley and Thelema.


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    The Sumerians are laughing in the background

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    Infact Christianity is THE ancient religion of Aten, the worship of light. Even the name Israel comes from the followers of Aten bsnished to Palestine. The words alpha and omega are referred to in Song of ISIS or Emet in the book of dead.

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    Dumbest video I've seen in a while

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    How is a falcon similar to a lamb?

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    All animals are god in Egyptian religion

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    Ancient Egyptian Religion actually borrowed from the Sumerians, and even that goes back further.

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    Wow it's very eyeopening

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    Didn't know that Horus & Jesus had a history together.. Definitely need to find out more.. Thank you…..

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    No Egyptian false gods (including Amun-Ra nor Horus), none of them were born of a virgin, nor had 12 disciples, nor were crucified, nor raised from the dead in 3 days. My video refutes these false claims.

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    You lost me soon as I seen the Virgin Mary and Jesus as white….😳 if your goal is to enlighten paint and appropriate picture to those who you are trying to enlighten

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    Sorry, had to leave one more comment…LOL….The one with the carvings of Egyptian figures in the glow of the sun or moons rays and then showing Jesus with a ray of light on Him with the title busted. Are you kidding? You must be kidding!!?? Right??? So I guess anytime we show a person in a ray of light it is stealing from Egyptian mythology??? Hahaha…lol…that is so absurd. I apologize if my post seems rude…with total and complete sincerity I hope God opens your eyes to your errors so that you will cast yourself at His mercy and recieve forgiveness and be reconciliation with God!! He loves you and desires to have a relationship with you. I am praying for you!! God bless you!!

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