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Alligator pepper and Bitter kola for Persistent and Strong INFECTIONS

May 2024 15

The two items that cures persistent and just mix them with milk and your totally free from any form of infections or contagious infections


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    Thanks madamme 🙏

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    Please ma are we going to ues d 3 bitter kola and d 20 alligator pepper every day

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    What happens to the remaining one

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    We get three spoons of what?? Milk mixer??

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    Pls can ulcer patient do it ?

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    Good morning, are we to blend the 20 alligator pepper and 3 kola nut for each day or for how many days and last and blend another one to complete the 7days. Thank you

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    My sister how to treat fibroid naturally

  8. #8

    Can a 2 months pregnant women do this?

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    Sister Eve do you open the AP from the back
    As in spiritual purposes?!

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    Is not advisable to take milk when you have infection so why should we add milk to it and consume

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    Please which type of milk

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    What if you mix it with team lemon without milk

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    Eve, truly I like you die. It's just that I only see your video. Please, does your kindred charge so much for brid price in your village. Really, Eve is becoming super helpful.
    Be Blessed my dear Eve !

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    Tnks for sharing

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    Can one chew the 20 alligator pepper seed and3 bitter kola seed and swallow with milk 🥛

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    How to treat anemia

  17. #17
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    it exists cup pink milk or search

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    HELLO EVE!!!
    Just saw this now and I've gone through some positive comments which proves it good.
    But my questions are….can powered milk used???
    If yes,,,then what's the quantity to be used???? (Like how many spoons??)

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    Can it treat tonsilitis ?

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    how do you blend Alligator pepper and bitter kola?

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    Pls can one go on taking it, more than 7 days, if after the first seven days the sickness, hasn't fully be eliminated from the body?

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    Pls ma will I be using different 3bitter kolas n 20 alligator pepper everyday

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    Is it three spoon in the morning three spoon in the night

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    Sorry ma to say this does it means we will repeat the next week because I did it last week true out I didn't feel anything again but this week it repeated I don't know what to do please help me thanks

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    What if it is more than 20 seed

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    Can we use antibiotics and still use this remedy?

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    Eve secret how can I get your number

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    Thank you so much Eve
    Can it cur staphylococcus aureus

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    What kind of milk?

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    Wow just seeing it now and it's a very wonderful teaching. I will try it and will come and testify in Jesus Name Amen 🙏 thanks for sharing

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    Ma is it good for ulcers patient?

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    Has anyone try this and it workout

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    Ma 20 seed of alligator pepper and bitter cola today, then another 20 seed and 3 bitter cola tomorrow or is just the 3 bitter cola and 20 seed of alligator pepper for 7 days?

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    What type of cup are you about please

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