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ALL OF AFRICA In 1540 Using ‘Game Features’ As Kongo

Apr 2023 20

An EU4 1.32 Origins Guide for the nation of Kongo where we form conquer all of Africa by 1540 and get the eu4 african power achievement in record time

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Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy games published by Paradox Interactive. All rights reserved. This is an unofficial video, not endorsed by Paradox Interactive.

The following DLC is used in this series:

Eu4 1.32 Origins leviathan Emperor DLC, Dharma, Rule Britannia, Cradle of Civilization, Third Rome, Mandate of Heaven, Rights of Man, Mare Nostrum, The Cossacks, Common Sense, El Dorado, Art of War, Res Publica, Wealth of Nations, and Conquest of Paradise.

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  2. #2

    So… Kongo WC it is, I guess)

  3. #3

    I am not even close to do it as fast as you! Always Swahili exists already and is a lot stronger than me. Which ideas did you used? 🤔 Thank you! 🙂

  4. #4

    How can you sell titles with no crownland

  5. #5

    I love you Ludi, you make my depression fade away

  6. #6

    Paramount: King Kong?
    Ludi: Horde Kong!

  7. #7

    Game's just pay 2 win at this point lol. I need to get colonial ideas before I can expand towards Kilwa. Sets me back about 50 years.

  8. #8

    huh.. this is a lot easier with that new kongo mission tree.. might be worth starting my run over, as im at 1680 an the ottomans have taken all of eqypt an ethiopia..

  9. #9

    What ideas did you use?

  10. #10

    I tried doing it without the dlc. Holy fuck are those missions op

  11. #11

    King Kongo 1540

  12. #12

    "so it's snack time" 🤣🤣🤣

  13. #13

    more like world KONGquest

  14. #14

    No, man. This is some bull. I quickly reached my loan limit literally following your steps. Manpower depletes quickly. Money is not increasing even when I took over the 3 gold mines around Zimbabwe. Every other rebel has a stack of 25-27 units that deplete my manpower. I stabilized the economy barely with zero profit when the armies are raised, but the institutions are not spreading at all and I am stuck since I don't have money for edicts. Kilwa gets the institutions faster, but I have to rival them, as this is one of the points of your videos.

  15. #15

    In my kongo run, gold spawned in the Lega frontier

  16. #16

    Ludi. 12k likes. Wc by 1650

  17. #17

    "It's much better just to kill the natives-"

  18. #18

    bro idk why but ludi's mustache is so click worthy

  19. #19

    Damm this is insane, trying to do this one now but Ottoman have All of egypt :(, also I am in 1630 I think

  20. #20

    Where is the 2nd part?

  21. #21

    "Kill the natives."
    – Ludi, leader of the Buddhist cult Kongo horde, also a stock exchanger, 1475

  22. #22

    lmao… there should be an option: Form BEGLIAN Congo LOL

    "you mean Belgium gets a claim on all of Kongo?"
    "…. no…. Kongo gets a claim on Belgium area…"

  23. #23

    You miss Gilbratar.

  24. #24

    Need the WC Ludi, you are the man who holds his promises, I know it. STACKENVIPANIKO the whole world pls

  25. #25

    3:49 I am too content to just conquer the Kongo region, forget to vassalize other African regions.

  26. #26

    where's the world conquest video now? 😔it's over 10k likes now….

  27. #27

    Its better if you consolidate dev, THEN raze the province. it reduces coring cost by a disgusting amount and if you have admin ideas or ccr ideas then you can decrease it even further, and transfering dev to your capital actually translates to an increase in monarch power overall because the cost for developing in your capital state needs to also be factored in when considering the cost-benefit. Remember also that you collect 100% more tax and manpower from true culture provinces so taking dev from other cultures will improve your economy in the long run.

  28. #28

    ludi where’d the wq and stellaris mega campaign?

  29. #29

    Did you not create any coalition involving many small muslim countries and ottoboyz ?

  30. #30

    How did you get the horde goverment reform so fast? In my attempt i got it in 1540😅

  31. #31

    It honestly feels like every time I play outside of Europe, some autistic shit happens over there that I only find out about way later

  32. #32

    I can't sell crownland after developing my province do you guys know how do i fix this i am doing the exact things but i can't sell crownland the button is just not clickable

  33. #33

    How did you sell titles while u had none

  34. #34

    concor wold wher?

  35. #35

    What difficulty do you play on? It is impressive on what you can do on any difficulty.

  36. #36

    At 8:31 Ludi is showing stability and expansion screen with a governing capactiy (GC) of 207/400 with 23 States. Can someone please explain HOW THE H*LL? I have almost similar provinces at that point with 13 States/15 Territories but are at 406/400 GC. Why is Ludi getting so few GC from his provinces/states?

  37. #37

    This makes me want to play as Congo ngl

  38. #38

    Wow! Very impressive. I remember doing this run myself not too long ago, and well, since I'm no where near as chad as you are, it took me a fair bit longer. I had finally beaten Ottomans and took all the provinces in Africa. Cored them up. No achievement. God damn Sinai.. WHAT? Why is that classed as Africa? I'll never know.. Anyway, of course I had to fight Otto again, and about 2 million people died so that I could have that piece of desert. Every source I've checked say that Sinai is a part of Asia, but hey.. Whatever..

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