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Air Force Veteran Dies; Told The Meaning Of Life, History Of Earth During NDE

Sep 2023 19

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While at party in the 70s, Wayne Morrison shares his accidental OD and the near death experience that came with it. This is his NDE near death experience trip to the afterlife and beyond.

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    Bro you were tripping tf out, that’s all

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    they all almost died but god did they enjoy it

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    Another one that took a drug , alcohol and started tripping! So funny , but what's important

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    Well, beam me up Scotty😂

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    I didn't feel much from this particular case as it wasn't made clear how he "died" other than passing out drunk? Seems like in that case, his NDE would have been darker in nature.

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    He lost me when he said those multiple lights were singing his praises. No.

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    He said he didn't want to go back! Lol I understand him. But to see other civilizations got to be amazing! Each Galaxy is a universe in itself.

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    Funny, I actually have the answers to the questions being asked here but they are quite different and simpler.

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    Never heard anything of substance regarding the meaning of life. Nice dream, but dead is dead. Live while you may … there's nothing coming after.

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    Everyone's death is different. I died doing dialysis. I wont get into where i went but none of this world is there. Your body is not there. Where i was was not nice. There was the absence of any emotion or feeling. I asked to leave and i went back into my body.

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    Just to let others know. People, doctors, have seen heaven. Just be skeptical

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    Great but…what is the meaning of life and the History of the world??

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    i m wondering why in a univers of inifintly never ending univers we are so forced to not be , anything than slaves

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    altho there may not be much difference except the story teller, SOME of these sound genuine and SOME sound more like an acid trip not a true nde.

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    To my atheist friends I explain it as a greater being, to my religious friends I explain it as god. What I do know is its pure love, and its what we are. We are part of it and it part of us, and this is a in between point.

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    I completely believe him. Whether or not it is a simple DMT release in the brain is the question.

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    He's full of chit

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    What was the ancient history what did it look

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    Another NDE that is completely different from all of the other ones.

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    17 years old, medication, party, drinks…thank you, no further questions. 😂😂😂

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    Pray that the lord reveals Himself to you, beware lucifer can appear as a angel of light. We are no match for him without the lord Jesus Christ. Every one needs to test any spirit that appears, etc. By the Word " Jesus Christ "

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    This boy was tripping balls 😂

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    Sounds like a butt hurt story

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    Having had more than my share of past life situations…….its intense, getting a look into the other side. The central "light" that this guy met during his NDE is known as "the source". More generally called God or more accurately, the Universe ( one verse, one singularity). The natural state of the Universe is complete connection (love)….we are all an extension of the Source, and what we call the real world is an extremely elaborate construct built out of pure energy. We are here to better ourselves, and become stronger and our success and failures pave the path of our future. We are given very precious gifts like time and its important to make each life count, and realize that death is only a brief blip before we continue with our past failures and successes shaping our karma. Death doesnt solve problems, it doesnt get you out of mistakes or absolve sins……..karma is real and its brutal.

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    Why don’t they go into detail how the world began and other civilizations and how they look? They always give a brief description and continue with the story

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    L.S.D. is a hell of a drug. 😂

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    So we still don't know the meaning of life after watching

  29. #29

    Sounds like drugs to me

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    I only had to watch 38 seconds of your video. You stated you were on medication and you'd been drinking hard. So right there you had a million thoughts racing through your mind as she was drunk. And you dreamed about crazy shit you are no profit

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    Lol, is the only comment that strikes me. My nightly vivid dreams match and regularly surpass this man's experience getting drunk for the first time…

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    Sun good dope back then

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    It was a dream of an oxygen starved mind.
    Plain and simple.

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    They way he talked and the words he used during the video made me believe that this was a hoax. He kept saying things like "it was fast, but I don't mean fast," and "it was singing, but I don't mean singing," and so on and it made me skeptical of his story. But towards the end when you see how red his neck and face got convinced me at the very least that he truly believe the story that he's telling here. It must have been hard to share that. T'hank you!

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    Basically you just need strong medication and a couple of drinks to see god. Sounds easy.

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    I love it. 17yr old drinking and drugs… sorry “Medicine”. I remember my first beer to!

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    Funny how everyone with an NDE sees something different from everybody else, yet they’re gonna tell us “how things are.” And no two stories alike.

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