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African Traditional Religion: Are you ready for Initiation, Where to start, What to Study, & More

Apr 2024 28

Peace Family! This is Part TWO of my series on Spirituality and African Traditional Religions. Let’s Talk about Initiation. Do you feel the call? Are you ready to start the process? Where should you start? What should you study? Why is studying important? What is the Orí? Lets talk about all of that and more!
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    Where can you get initiated at? I think that’s the biggest problem I’m having

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    This is so interesting to me. I am not a part of any religion but I was given the signs you speak of. My hand started feeling like there was a vortex. I really wasn’t changing my habits for the better and I mysteriously got sicker and sicker until I quit everything all in one day. I had already stopped drinking but I quit all medications, meat, sugar, everything. It was a very rough two days but within the week everything turned around and slowly I healed. My whole life changed, now I heal others. I was blocking my blessings. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience. Hugs💕✨

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    can they HARM you them knowing your trans or some sort of powerful being.

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    1:30 wooo So true just before I became a devotee I was bedridden with illness after illnessI knew nothing of spirituality except for being a Christian.
    That year 2017 I began my journey and things I’ve never been that bad again

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    This is a life time. Just like a baby learning to walk feed themselves, speak etc. there is no rushed instructions. Anything worthy takes time. Listen! There are scammers out there just like Queen PO told you! Everybody wants to be at the top, the crawl before you walk

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    🤣🤣🤣🤣 thats why you call him Diddy!!!

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    When you said "kidney" I got dizzy and went into a brief trance. Ironically I just bought kidney supplements. And rastafari has begun calling me. You know rastafarians practice livity.

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    I love that you said go study! It reminds me of when wanting to pledge and the advice was always “do your research”. Don’t just join something because of how cool it looks. Really look into it and see which one truly resonates with you and then move forward. Trust the process and when it’s your time your path will be clear.

    Coming back to my comment now that I’ve watched the whole video & I’m glad you mentioned this and compared it to pledging! Your observation is correct.

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    what are good resources to study though? i feel like i never know whether the books i find on amazon about vodun or ifa are legit or not 😢

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    Ase, ASE, ASE!

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    Under your virtual mentorship, I've learned so much and on the path to my Ori… thank you for your wisdom!!

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    Facccctssss…Orishas will sat dat azz down and teach us some act right. What are your thoughts about working with Orishas but no desire to iniciate in religion. My calling is toward Hoodoo. Its the tradition of my Ancestral line. That and Vodun as a way of life. However no one alive practices. We dont live on the land or in the sacred directions of the tradition either. How does one answer under these conditions?

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    Not Diddy😂 I guess ima call mine Birdman.

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    I'm being led to learn more about ATR. That's how I was led to your channel years ago.

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