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African Spirituality: Civilization Before Christianity

Apr 2023 04

Africa was developing spiritual-scientific knowledge long before conventional Egyptology wants to say. This video will give you some basic background knowledge from a Khemetologist perspective. Ancient Africans gave knowledge to the world!

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Do you want to elevate your knowledge of African spirituality? Do you want to learn the spiritual essence of ideas like KRST, Sin, Heaven, and the resurrection before they became dogmatic Christianity?

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    You were really on top of your game, I only started learning these things since last year after discovering Randall Carlson.

  2. #2

    Africans wasn't praying to jesus back then?

  3. #3

    I truly appreciate your knowledge of Our KEMETIC People 👁🔎💪. Thank you so much for, your work and this channel

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    Have you heard of Cain Felder's Afrikan Heritage Study Bible? In it he classifies pre Christian Afrikan spirituality as the Edenic faith.

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    People think the knowledge only come from the interior but the knowledge really come from the south all the way up to the interior then into egypt

  6. #6

    That background music 🙉 unnecessary and horrible

  7. #7

    5 minutes in. Great video

  8. #8

    It's not rational to deny geological evidence. Would not it be logical to assume that Human Civilization is at least as old as Adam's Calendar? More than likely it would be much older. Great commentary.

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    I'm a young 29 years of age. Found this channel and love it, been digging lately and everything aligns with my belief growing up. As a young boy I used to tell other god was in me or I was god and people said I was crazy. Idk where the belief came from but growing up I thought I was god. Grandma forced me into church and it never made sense. Hope to keep learning and growing spiritually!

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    As a discipline of Thoth Hermes, i am also an exponent of KEMETIC CENTRED LIVING

  12. #12

    Heru-em-aket (Sphinx)

  13. #13

    That’s funny because I seen Sirius every night

  14. #14

    Guess what I found out, those Greek Alphabets were Nubian too

  15. #15

    You say a lot of things dr york teach

  16. #16

    I been going down this rabbit hole and I am definitely feeling your videos I am literally watching all of them lol… Keep it up

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    Sound like billy cars on

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    Interesting Video.

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    The music is distracting making it difficult to focus and hear the presentation.

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    Thank you for the knowledge brother. Ase ..do you suggest we study Sudan South Sudan and central Africa further for the beginning of civilization?

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    Great information. The Kemetic people said they came from up south and they had the kings before the Pharoah's or the Followers of Heru.

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    Thank you for sharing ase 💕

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    Can you please send me the link to your classes. I’m so grateful to have found your page.🎰🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚🐛🦋🧕🏽

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    That’s why you gotta study the history and not study his-story

  25. #25

    Those are not the oldest go to Sudan , Gambia South Africa as you come down to south you get truth not these

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    Bravo brother, Excellent video !!!! I am currently reading "Black Genesis" by Robert Bauval which is about Nabta Playa. The reason Egyptologist mislead us is because everything ur speaking about predates the Bible. I love what ur doing. One Love

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    Are your classes still available?

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    Many of the questions I would like anwered may actually begin in Nubia and beyond. There is a lot to learn in a lifetime.

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    Thank you so much. Excellent work.

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    Very good much evidence now to confirm this Kemet is the birth place of civiliazation.


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    interesting video

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