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Africa Before Religion w/ L M Dumizulu | 5min Q&A Series

Nov 2022 25

In the first of the 5min Q&A series, powerful author, teacher, historian and scholar on African spirituality, L M Dumizulu offers an insight into beliefs systems in Africa prior to the introduction of any Abrahamic religions.

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    Very interesting indeed thanks esoteric knowledge

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    Beautiful ❤️

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    As a Christian I’ve never experienced this practice before but I admit it sounds like harmony with the earth. What is the name of this practice ?

  4. #4

    Cannibalism, etc

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    Even the word ancestor was negative for us to use

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    I was always taught that everything and anything African was evil pagan and more or less satanic but listening to this speaker and his other videos on the channel I feel quite stupid. Religion got us messed up. It’s an obvious question. This channel has challenged me and opened my eyes but also makes me feel stupid for falling for all the lies and deceit paying all that money to the church believing in some dude in the sky coming back to take me to heaven. Sad sad sad 😢

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    Simple as that !

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    Very true!

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    Would love to understand more about how they worship or revere their deitys, obviously not as literal but as manifestations in nature. Please can you cover that Esoteric?

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    A natural practice of revering nature and respecting your ancestors without the mind games and control of religion. So pure and beautiful. Esoteric, such a simple video but informative. Luv it x

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    Woke up to this post. Further highlights that man made construction and exploration of religion. It has destroyed the world. Such a peaceful concept to revere nature. And also L M Dumizulu reference SCIENCE, I found that amazing !! Religion has issues with science when it contradicts their holy book. Esoteric, beautiful short inspirational video. Thank you

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    Beautiful. Respect for nature at its best. We wouldn’t have this climate crisis if we followed such holistic belief systems.

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    Africans before religion has been an historical argument between people of colour it’s sad that others are not willing or able to see beyond what has been presented in front of them without asking questions!

    Here is an interesting facts: In Nigeria, back in the 1930's one of the churches was reserved for europeans only. The only Nigerian allowed in was the composer, musician and organ scholar Feka Sowande.

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