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A Doctor’s Fascinating Investigation of Near-Death Experiences (ft. Dr. Michael Sabom)

Apr 2024 06

As a critical cardiologist, Dr. Michael Sabom first thought near-death experiences were “hogwash.” After designing and implementing the first scientific study of ’s in the 1970s, he was stunned at what he found. In this , Dr. Sabom discloses his surprising findings and discusses how the professional field of NDEs has radically changed since its inception in the 1970s.

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    he reeks of christian dogma, and listen to the bullyish way he talks. I lost interest, skipped a number of times, couldnt cope with it any more

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    When we were little & throughout our lives, i understand it's normal, to speak to the dead, my father use to speak to family & friends after they pass & visit on the 3 day or something during 9 days after they pass. We live in the Amazon jungle & our dogs, see them & we hear as they approach our home, often it all happened during the night, when we are all in bed & the night very dark outside.

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    Nde, is a personal experience, those who had no experience will never understand.

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    Less McDowell more Sabam.

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    I had a near death experience 33 years ago. Jesus is real!!

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    The Bible says it's okay to own Slaves and kill your children for being drunk along with all kinds of other crazy shit…yet this guy believes it's all true. Hogwash….

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    I wonder how much of his work has been corrupted by his Christian beliefs. 🤔

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    I had an interesting experience when dieing in hospital years ago. Not only did I leave my body but I possessed the body of an eldetly gent on a floor above and devoured his supper which I was told by a nurse "in the know" that he had been convalecing without eating his meals for days. It is a very intrigueing true event that no one seemed capable of absorbing the ramifications of. The nurse with 50 years at that hospital told me not to talk about it, she had witnessed similar events over her carreer but was warned by administration to deny its existance.

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    Yeshua is real, and most people that die see him in all religions. 😊 Not only was he crucified they crusified alot of his teachings.😢

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    I left my body twice to trauma, but never went past the ceiling, and was looking down at everyone, but never died.

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    It is true that all near death experiences confirm Christian Universalism, but that does not mean they don’t confirm salvation through Jesus alone. Jesus is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world, according to the Bible. “The Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of US ALL.” The Bible does not teach eternal punishment for everyone when you read a literal translation. Most Bibles mistranslate the word “Aion” from which we get our English word “eon” as eternal, when we all know an eon is an age. God will eventually save us all, through the eons, “as in Adam all die, so also in Christ will ALL be made ALIVE!” 1 Cor 15:22

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    My sweet sweeeeeet MOM passed away from Cancer,bacterial meningitis,lungs infection,kidney failure,strokes and finally heart failure.She was only 48 year old ,but I know she’s in Heaven!!! She wasn’t just my mom,but my best friend.please pray for her.

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    least arrogant western medical doctor. :3

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    From all I have read it's 10-15℅ of all people going into cardiac Arrest report NDE's – and not 10-15℅ of the overall Population as expressed here by Mike…..
    And of these 10-15℅ of people going into cardiac Arrest only some have a most profound NDE with independently verifiable aspects that really combined together have the capacity to truly demolish all the various made up material Reductionism Theories like "last firing neurons etc. "
    Like those of people blind from Birth that during their NDE had full sight/Vision with later verifiable aspects and visual Details from the scene of the accident or surgery that led to their NDE….And most obviously can NOT be explained nor be dismissed as "hallucinations", "drug experience induced by anaesthetics", "last firing of neurons of a dying brain" and all the other BOGUS "explanations" so far given….
    NONE of them could be upheld anymore if there had ever been a Database of all the NDEs with verifiable aspects created.
    Unfortunately nowadays even mental impressions of "alien encounters" or an Out of Body Experience are publicly somehow counted as "Nde's" in many Channels on YouTube diluting and distracting from the more profound NDE's with verifiable aspects as well as an always increasing Trend of fundamental Religion to somehow claim NDE's as "proof" for their particular religious Dogma that simply didn't exist in the early days – and – quite honestly – wasn't Part of my own NDE and that of countless others I talked with….😋
    It's particularly problematic the more fearbased religious Heaven & Hell Dogmas tries to kinda hijack the NDE phenomena for itself that simply isn't in Sync with very many NDE's including my own as I at the time was agnostic at best.
    And I SURELY didn't experience a "Christian" GOD but a GOD that was way above all the Religions created by MAN. With a far lower understanding and Love than the original spiritual Masters that LATER gave Rise to the Creation of the Religion because a deep study of the major Religions there very little essential difference let alone discord by the real Saints & Masters that inspired them but almost ALL the strife happens when human Ego corrupted and undermined the high spiritual Realisation for the sake if indoctrination, religious abuse, Power, Money, Influence, Control and the NOTORIOUS either join my cult or go to Hell crap that goes on till today….
    Like these obnoxious "Christ"ians of far far lower spiritual Accomplishment than the Buddha having the preposterous attitude & illiterate arrogance to tell the gullible that "Buddha or Mohammed sure went to Hell for his Teachings and so would his Followers…"
    And an almost infinite amount of further lowest religious Ego unfortunately recorded throughout the entire human History USURPING and instrumentalizing GOD for the politics of EGO to this very Day "finding the Antichrist" in absolutely each & everyone – except of course in the very own EGO……😋
    Especially in the earlier phases of the Death process Beliefs held in the Mind can and frequently do colour the Experience which accounts for their highly individual Nature…
    Anyway, this being expressed I have no problems with Christ but way too many as that I could ever follow mainstream Christianity….😋
    Fortunately for me and the many like me there's a non-dual non-judgemental non-contradictory contemporary Teaching of Christ called A Course in Miracles that is completely in Sync with my own NDE…
    Although it is very demanding and challenging it is as well highly transformative leaving no justifcation for religious Ego…
    In the final analysis one can arrive with both A Course in Miracles as well as with a deepest Practice of following Christ in the more traditional religious way arrive at deep spiritual Realisation and Transformation through deep Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation and daily Surrender of one's personal Ego to God….
    And without a deep daily sincere Level of Practice one won't arrive there either at any really meaningful Level of spiritual Transformation – no matter what one chooses….
    All else according to my observations in the last 30y is just self deception of one's own Ego…
    And – by the way – having an NDE in no way spares one the hard work of going through a deep process of spiritual work & inner Transformation… that's just a false assumption held by many people….
    It's very often a very painful process to return from Divine Love back to the already existing Hells of Ego/Mind and the epic suffering of human Life and usually a tough struggle to bring one's Life in Sync with Love in the predatory World of individual and collective Ego….And it usually just couldn't be accomplished without a LOT of deep Divine Assistance & Support…
    Hope that helps someone in their own spiritual journey, providing some encouragement to continue the struggle & hopefully clarifying some doubts along the way….
    From my point of view all that is asked from God is a sincere willingness for a deep Transformation in Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing assisting yourself & others in a still very painful World with epic suffering….
    The PSEUDO Perfection of the Pharisaees and the Ego isn't really asked and – in general – anyway just a hindrance….
    If that's your general overall orientation wherever you may find yourself right now then you're already quite in Sync with both your Soul & God….
    And if on top of that you're in an intelligent knowledgeable way (- not as a Victim or a Martyr….😋) generally willing to surrender your Ego's opinions & biases for the sake of Love & Compassion itself you may well be offered some genuine heavenly Career opportunities…..😋😍
    Be sure there are plenty of Challenges, Tests and traps along the way but also deep and essential/existential rewards & fulfillments you just CAN'T get in any other way but through a deepest Surrender to Divine Love….🙏❤️
    Blessings to all fellow Travellers…

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    I should start by saying I was raised Catholic (Jewish father/Catholic mother) but, because of the mountain of NDEs I have read about, I no longer believe in man made religion. I do believe in Jesus, God and acknowledge other deities of other religions. I am not sure what “label” you put on one who identifies as a believer in Jesus and God but does not believe in man made religion. Anyway, because of NDEs, that is what I believe. So how does he explain the tens of thousands of non-Christians who experienced NDEs and they saw their deities that had nothing to do with Christianity? What about the Christian fundamentalists who had NDEs and realized what they learned in the Bible about a judging God is not true? There are many, many documented cases like these. If I am aware of these people and this research, I know Dr Sabom must be familiar with them. So how does he reconcile all these researched, documented cases with his belief in man made religion? I can only assume he identifies with “Christianity” as I do…someone who believes in Jesus and God. But what doesn’t make sense is he references the Bible which totally goes against many, if not most NDEs. I have never heard or read about a single NDEr who experience some judging God figure who sends “bad people” to hell or dislikes those who don’t worship properly. God is pure love and never judges according to NDErs. This is in complete contradiction to the Bible. I would love to know how he explains those differences. Also, many NDErs discuss being show past lives. That certainly goes against man made Christian sects.

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    There was an older man fairly recently that passed away while hooked up to an eeg. He had a heart attack and became brain dead. They got the okay to pull the plug and they observed gamma brain wave activity start.

    Gamma brain waves have the highest frequency among all brain waves. They are associated with high levels of thought and focus. They can have different effects depending on their levels in your brain:‌

    If your brain produces high levels of gamma waves, you tend to be happier and more receptive. You may also have a higher intelligence quotient or IQ and better concentration. Also they help with memory processing. Maybe that’s why your life flashes before your eyes

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    He mentioned financial gain to measure veracity so his book is free?

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    A simulated experience.

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    I find it interesting that the good doctor refers to Hinduism as a "new age" Eastern religion, when Sanatana Dharma, to call it by its true name, is at least 5,000 years old. In comparison, Christianity, with its virgin birth of Christ, his resurrection and physical ascension into Heaven, is barely out of its diapers. A religion in which, no matter which of its 35,000+ denominations you belong to, you are confident that all other Christians who don't believe what you believe are destined to burn in an eternity of "hell fire".

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    Another way to say “near death”, is “still living”.

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    Hello Sean McDowell,
    I have a HiFi with subwoofer working on my computer. I have used REW and equalisation to get a flat response for serious music listening and audio editing. I do not have excessively boosted bass on my system. When you bump your table, a low frequency thump is recorded. This is reproduced by my system so hard that pencils buzz on the table. Please isolate your microphone from the desk and use a puff-filter. Most of your audience will not have a 20 to 20K flat response on their computer sound systems, but some will. You will do us a favour to avoid the thumps.

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    I read, "Proof Of Heaven," which is an ideal account of NDE'S and out of body experiences. It is written by a neuro surgeon who totally was out of it, one might say. Am immense blackness he had to travel through. Reas it.

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    Jesus Christ Loves You All ❤️✝️🙏

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    Were there any fluctuations in the EEG?

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    All these near death experiences seem to happen to White Christian people.never to Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Buddists, Africans, Chinese, Filipinos, or Indians. So the claims lack evidence.

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    Where are we???🤣🤣🤣

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    Are you there or over ???🫡🫡🫡🫡

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    I have so much to say about this I don't know where to start!

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    This makes sense to most people more than religion does. Religion is a relic and should be abolished and their people retired. 💞☘️

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    Wow this is amazing and very interesting hearing a Cardiologist talk about NDE I haven't heard a Dr speak about the wonderful experiences of the patient's his had back then very very cool Amen praise the Lord may he be glorified through this ❤

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    The Bible is Hogwash. NDE is not Hogwash.

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    We are body, soul and spirit (1 Thess. 5:23). The spirit is like the breath, the soul is like the blood (Lev. 17:11) and it is all of who you are as a person, your personality and character. At death the body returns to dust, the spirit returns to God who gave it, and the soul goes down to Sheol to await the resurrection of the dead.

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    So, this quack says that he was not interested in NDE because it is not scientific-based, and yet he's a Christian, which is certainly non-scientific based! And now he's hijacked the NDE and weaved it into his religious beliefs to make it acceptable to him. What a hypocrite!

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    Years ago I watched a documentary with Pam Reynolds giving her experience. She was lucky to survive the aneurysm, and I remember her saying only one hospital was willing to attempt working on her. I think Dr. Sabom was in the documentary?
    I really enjoy the type of questioning Sam does here and the logic of Dr Sabom… that you just wanted logical proof and that the out of body experiences were the most useful for that research.
    I read Dr Moody's book as a 17yo in 1981 in Australia. I found it entirely plausible and I could feel the truth in what people were recounting – I had no trouble believing them, it spoke to me. I am, however, at the same time also quite logical/scientific in my approach to things generally, so I really do appreciate this more technical approach (I work with many non-spiritual people as a high school lab technician). Thank you both of you. 😊

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    I know my husband was found in hospital bath with out oxygen to his brain for 25 mins he also had 3 heart attacks he was life support coma for 3 weeks they want to take him off his life support so we had meeting and to the Nero ICU specialist so I got to talk have after 3rd try so we had talked and. Can you be truthful to me I want to know if he has any chance can you tell me and no we can not give a you 100 💯% answer so he he go high middle lower they was wrong I said ok think you that we need so family that give 2 to 6 so I said by to think I called to God help Jesus I do know to do I crying show me a sign then seen the sparkling lights and oh my God thank you for give a sign so went back to husband and ask if he ready to home with Heavenly Father God squeeze my hand if you can as hard as can did not get nothing so told honey if you here this going to have 3 surgeries 1 you will a tracheotomy 2 one of finger removed 3 feeding tube so he squeezed hand and turn head open eyes look up at me with tears running down his cheeks and shook his head yes went back so tell me he got all the holidays to spend with us and he past the same way they found in nursing home 10 months are last song was by Elvis Presley it called pledging my love to you we sang the first 3 versus and later was getting weaker so I remember he was seeing family who passed on and you never met my momma so look like sister he said to oh who that lady behind you she look just like you she a lot nicer than you but oh my God he you my mom and so later he was going deeper sleep so when taking his last well I on the phone telling my daughter to get here he does not much time so bring grand kids up to so this was my 2 husband and we had been all but before went this words he this man knows me he loved me he for give me and he loves me and honey who talking to he Jesus he hold man hand then about 5 mins he took last breath I when happen the phons went haywire and lights went low but Glow Golden light around is bed so that true testimony of my truth

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    You know I believe in Almighty God and call out to Jesus help me I had died in 2017 but had been through all it major open heart. surgery mechanical mitral valve so took 3 months then diagnosed with caner it was fist one Squeamish cell carcinoma 2 was in stage 3 C then that 3 months of to healing then I had 3 brain bleeds stroke in my air waves so took 3 months then in last had to the go to a nursing home but on 2 cancer drunk driver hit are truck he causing a ruckus blame us so he went down street jumped in out truck run in house he not talk to us getting info I still had cancer port in so bit we called the police to tried to have him come to talk but he would not so they took his ruck and had towed to police lot so I was home I started to bleeding from bottom that when they found the cancer so I had all this from 2014 to 2020 all healing it hell to come back I so sad became I had to him in spirit wold

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    Put a 4 or 5 digit number near the operating table in every operating room where the patient can't see it. Then is one really does leave the body and can repeat what that number is there would be scientific proof.

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    Isn't THIS more likely…
    Near-death experiences have been reported for thousands of years. 

    One possible explanation is that our brains are flooded with a hallucinogenic, DMT, as we approach the moment of death. 

    Researchers observed a spike of DMT in the brains of rats that suffered a cardiac arrest.

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    I remember an atheist in France having a hell experience he came back as a big-time christian! So I don't really agree with what doctor is saying right now.

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    My first was while I died on the operating table. I was in bed sitting up while a priest came in to read me my last rights. He said he was sent from my family. Asked me if I believe and except God & Jesus in my heart. I said yes. He read me my last rights. It went dark and I heard a voice tell me that it’s not my time yet. Then I woke up . Surgeon said I died on the table. Luckily came back . I was out of my body while I was 12 hours away from dying due to me kidneys being shut down and my heart not far from it. I was standing behind my family while they begged for me to get located to a better hospital. Everyone and scene I remembered and my family confirmed it all was correct. Once I was at the new hospital I walked to the coffee shop inside and just sat there. No pain or anything. Totally at peace. Lately I was told someone is going to kill me . 2 weeks ago I got the vision of who was going to attack me in my living room with a knife

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    This guy named Sean doesnt listen. Its like he is using guest speakers as a tool of his own speech. Not a good interviewer at all.

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    Why the heck this guy not allow this Doctor speaks?….? Oh dang. We dont want to hear your question, his interrupt when doctor was telling the story and that made him lose his track! itd be way better just let the doctor speaks the whole story.

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    I personally know one atheist who had an out of body experience when he was mugged on a street and knocked out. Probably not near death, but he saw his own body lying on the ground and how he was robbed, with details. He said he was not an atheist anymore but didn’t sign up for any religion.
    So the doctor has a point when he says that if people weren't already in the religion, at least, at some point, – Christianity, for example – they don’t become religious after this kind of experience. They prefer to find their own information.

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