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7 Spiritual Benefits of Alligator Pepper

Sep 2022 12

Alligator pepper is widely used by many cultures in Africa, here is 7 Spiritual Benefits of ALLIGATOR PEPPER.



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    Thank you for watching. Here is link playlist of more than 100 way how to solve spiritual problems https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpNZKJou0smk5vhge0T8ogn5y48hrtYGa

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    Thank you for tote teachings , Im based in South Africa where do I find the alligator pepper and Kota?

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    If I don't bury my alligator pepper will it still function well for spiritual purpose?

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    How many times do i swing it over my head after having sex

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    Thank you so much for your teachings, I feel blessed when ever I watch you, I ask God to bless you more for me.
    Please help me with the point of the one with bitter kola. How many of the alligator pepper and bitter kola should I pick and what time can I do my petition?

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    Good morning sir regarding the sex how many times do i swing it over my head?

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    Pls my sister gve birth and the baby use to cry every night, pls help me

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    Please how to bless my children with alligator pepper if they are not with me. Thank you greatly 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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    Thanks sir. I like it that you write them out. More blessings in Jesus Name

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    Hi, I just want to understand. Is praying with alligator pepper biblical at all? Thanks

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    Please what other assignments can we do with alligator pepper and bitter kola..Thanks for the informations.

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    Please what about if your boss owes you your salary or someone owes you and they willing not to pay back ..you call them no response …please how can I use this to make em pay me back fast ….my father boss resisting salary payment…..please help me.thank you

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    Helo! Please for when someone did you wrong how many pepper and how many kola. Also how should it be used

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    Please you did not talk about the opening of the alligator pepper. Must it be buried for 21 days also? Thank u.

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    Please about the cleasing after sex….some people says 3 seeds while some says 4 seeds….which is actually correct?

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    Thanks for the video, Are we expecting more of this?

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    This is very educating. Thank you very much

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    can the alligator pepper be got from supermarket

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