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7 CHAKRAS explained (PART 2) feat. crystals + Dr. Llaila Afrika wholistic chart | chakras reKNEW'd

Jan 2023 07

This is a guide for beginners on melanin clusters, music notes, letters, numbers, crystals, and more.

This video was highly requested and the second video of a two part explanation of chakras. We also dive into Dr. Llaila Afrika’s Wholistic Chart and explain each section in depth.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the first video (Chakras Explained Part 1) for a basic overview of each chakra and how balanced and unbalanced chakras affect us. Until we meet again, find yourself within.


Megan Fox on Conan:

Holistic Self Diagnosis by Dr. Llaila O. Afrika:

Crystals & How To Use Them: (Creative Commons)

Pendulum Crystal Video: (Creative Commons)


Intro & Outro:

396 hz (Root Chakra):
417 hz (Sacral Chakra):
528 hz (Solar Plexus):
639 hz (Heart Chakra):
741 hz (Throat Chakra):
852 hz (Third Eye):
963 hz (Crown):

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    Pretty Dope! I like the balance between the voice overs and seeing you in the camera. I think a video on how numbers and letters would be dope! Something as simple as your own phone number could be affecting you chakra.

  2. #2

    Super interesting keep going and yeah I like the visuals but showing up a little more would hurt at all.

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    this is dope and hella informational, definitely didn't even know there was different kinds of chakara

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