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21 Alligator Pepper seeds sword of War#spiritualtips,#USA,#spiritualsword

Mar 2023 26

#spiritual tips,#USA,#spiritualsword,#alligator pepper
Life is full of battle and the Enemies will not rest until they achieve their evil motive if you are their target. Spiritual controls the physical and as such you have to deploy Spiritual weapons to fight back.
In this video the Instrument of alligator pepper seed is used as the sword of the Spirit to return evil arrows and Enemy’s sword of war back to sender.
Chewing 21 seeds of alligator pepper and spitting it out to the East West North and South in prayers will return swords of war lifted against you back to sender,#how to destroy Enemy,#uses of alligator pepper,#alligator pepper prayer,#Pamax,#spirituality,#Emeka Williams,#spiritual benefits,#alligator pepper spiritual uses,#alligator pepper spiritual benefits,#how to use,#spiritual use of alligator pepper


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    Thank you very much for freely sharing this powerful ritual on YouTube.
    I have seen very effective and potent results from this ritual.
    The Divine One and universe bless you.

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    Ist time to hear aligator pepper

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    Thank you pastor Emeka for openning our eyes

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    Pastor good morning ,you said we should blow the aligator seeds 3times out of our mouth but is east west, north ,south ,God bless you beyond measure

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    Wonderful voice
    In of Jesus
    Amen 🙏 🙌 👏

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    Sir I salute the grace of God upon your life. May God Almighty continues to bless you for us in Jesus Name. Sir can I use this 21 seed of alligator pepper in the morning or night?

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    Good day Man of God, do we do this anytime of the day or night especially between 12am to 3am where warfare prayers are mostly done

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    If you have no alligator pepper what l use

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    Thank you very much.

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    Tried calling you

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    Keep being inspired sir. Even those I never knew were enemies, came up to expose themselves physically. And they failed.

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    Interesting one pastor. Can I do it inside my house? Cause I will definitely do this

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    Keep being inspired sir. God bless u more

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    Waoh, waoh, waoooh!!! what a wonderful man of God. I salute you.

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    I really want to get in touch with u

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    Hi i enjoy your videos god bless u,i try an get in touch with you on WhatsApp but the call not going throw,can u send me your number please

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    Am happy to be in this great family, pastor Enema Williams thank you so much.. How can I get ekwuogbor power pls pastor

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    Nice one sir the only bonafy child in the whole world 😍😂🙌💯🌹

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    What if you dream and there is aunts in ur house sir?

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    I need your WhatsApp number please

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    What time of the day can one do this prayer?

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    Pastor Emeka how can I find your product

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    Payment with there own coin😂😂😂.
    I like this one, with there" OWN COIN"very well spoken in Jesus mighty name.
    God bless you Pastor FIRE👍👏🏿

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    Pastor good morning and wish you a happy and blessed weekend. Always stay under the blood

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