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#2 David Bennett visited by Angel after Incredible Near Death Experience, Part 2

Sep 2023 18

David Bennett Changed by Near Death Experience (NDE). Guided to Overcome Deadly Cancer. His Advice for You. Inspired by a Visiting Angel. His amazing near death experience (NDE) took place when he drowned in rough seas. He was underwater for 15 – 20 minutes before he was saved and brought back to life. He shares an incredible experience of going to the light and being surrounded by love. He felt like he was “home”. It transformed him from a brash young man who didn’t mind stepping on toes to get what he wanted to the thoughtful, caring, and kind man he is today.

Part 1:
Part 2

Here are some of David Bennett’s links:
Voyage Of Purpose (Book)
YouTube Channel “Contemplative Living” is the playlist with my podcast
We talked about Cancer, and here is a link on his site to that
David mentions a cancer fighting tea. The name is Eissac Tea (remember Cassie backwards).

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    Heather, Thanks for letting me tell more of my stories in this part 2. I enjoy sharing the things that helped me in my life.💖

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    Food for the soul. (thorough links, thanks Heather)

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    Where is the first part?

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    Hi everyone who listened to this story. Let me tell you that I have had the privilege of working with David both in person and long distance and he's the real deal. Sincere and open. What an encouragement he has been to me. Thanks Dave for sharing thanks Heather for your podcast. I will suggest it every chance I get. Blessings Always and All Ways

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    Can't hear enough of this man, he literally emanates confidence, in an extremely humble manner, he'd be the most wonderful teacher one could ever have, he has the most wonderful life lessons, he is the actual embodiment of confidence and wisdom. We should all learn from him, I said it already on his original video, he is the role model from which we should all aspire.

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    Hi really enjoyed that, thank you
    Does Essiac tea heal Basal Carsinoma on your face

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    Really enjoyed this! Thank you for sharing his story!

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