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101 African Spirituality And Healing With Gogo Dineo |

Mar 2024 20

is a new age traditional healer who is known as a celebrity because of her ties with some of South Africa’s A List celebrities. She is passionate about restoring the dignity of traditional . believes the practice has been shunned because of western influences. She’s always keen to be in discussion about heritage and culture because she feels there are stereotypes about Sangomas that bring it to disrepute. In this live vide answers your questions on and Healing.

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    55:10 can we please get a link to the video?

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    As always it is the sisters mouth that is yardstick of the revolution. It was traditional African religion that helped us to free ourselves in Haiti, Christianity and Islam are footstool religion It simply cannot help to solve anything in our nation or our lifestyle.

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    Stay in your lane and you will slay in it!

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    Loved this🖤🤍

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    It was all about making money. They needed us to abandon our traditions to sell their foods, clothes and when you convert to their religion, you can tithe, with the additional benefit is that we will love them and hate ourselves.

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    Loud and clear as always Gogo Thokozani Gogo no sesi MaThenj, beautiful conversation 👏👏

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    Thank you very much Thenjiwe for This live interview, I honestly can't believe I never knew Gogo Dineo, yooh I have learned a lot today.
    @Gogo Dineo you have gained a new Follower/Fan.

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    Lack of knowledge has killed africans

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    It was very informative..thank you👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    Gogo Dineo is life, still at 25min, but wow🤩 imfundiso yakho, my God 🙆‍♀️😭

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