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😳 He's Kathryn Krick's Spiritual Daddy??🧟 SO CREEPY!! Kathryn Krick, 5F Church & GeorDavie Exposed!

Jun 2024 30
😳 He's Kathryn Krick's Spiritual Daddy??🧟 SO CREEPY!! Kathryn Krick, 5F Church & GeorDavie Exposed!

Kathryn Krick’s “Spiritual Daddy” & IDOL! “Apostle” Kathryn Krick 5F Church and Ministries Part 1 by Standing For Christ SFC “Rivival is now?” Not quite!

Kathryn Krick is popular leader in the new Christian Charismatic world, and like most of her counterparts, she is a false teacher and charlatan to beware of! She has declared herself to be an Apostle and claims to have a , supernatural which can cure all sorts of problems in the lives of her followers. I do not take issue with the fact that Kathryn believes Christians to be empowered through the Holy Spirit, but I certainly do take issue with her claim to of being an Apostle of Jesus Christ and to have unique anointing that separates her from all other Christians (minus the other false prophets and false apostles, of course). Kathryn has amassed a very large following, started 2 churches under the title of 5F Church, has done many interviews, and has written a book called: The Secret of the Anointing: Accessing the Power of God to Walk in Miracles. Kathryn also does zoom call miracles, miracles on Instagram….etc.

Strangely enough, Kathryn Krick was given the title of Apostle by a supposed prophet (false prophet) from Tanzania Africa named . Kathryn calls her Spiritual Father and often refers to him as Daddy and Baba. In this video, we will further examine the relationship between Kathryn Krick and , through a video that was released by a YouTuber called “Truth .” Unfortunately, all of the original videos which Truth used in his video have now been taken down by Kathryn and GeorDavie, so I cannot critique the original videos. Kathryn’s main business (“ministry”) focus is deliverance (casting out demons) breaking supposed generational curses, and causing her followers to not question her teachings and her authority. Kathryn has clearly capitalized on the idea of charismatic revival and the new deliverance “demons slayer” craze in modern charismatic circles. She has been endorsed by people like Shawn Bolz, Troy Black, and Alan DiDio from Encounter Today. She has been by people like Sean Christie from Revealing Truth, Chris Rosebrough from Fighting For The Faith, Fight For Truth, I Think Biblically, and many, many others. Thank you, also, to the people who have come out of this movement and are not speaking out about the cult-like features of Kathryn Krick’s ministry.

Stop back next time for more! Thank you and God bless you all!
Standing For Christ

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    Hey guys, thank you for watching! Please pray for the people who follow Kathryn, and also pray that she would repent. We should remember that Kathryn was raised as a Christian and that false teachers are blinded by the riches of this world. Also, many of her followers are legitimate believers being led astray and used. 😔
    Thanks again and God bless! 🙏

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    Hey guys, thank you for watching. There's a link to the full video at the bottom of your screen and also here: https://youtu.be/aMF9aykKd8E?si=JQBrfXeXOKPgqgmt Let's help others to be aware of these wolves in sheep's clothing. Thanks again and God bless you all! 🙏

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    Matthew 23:9

    "And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven". Jesus was using this expression to remind his followers that God is the one who deserves their honor and obedience, and that they all belong to God's family

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    They didt do anything wrong , brother of them share Jesus , you need deliverance fromeny😂😂😂😂😂

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    I don’t agree with u during the times of Jesus the pharisees also denied totally that Jesus is the Son of God because Jesus way was not fitting into their perception of God or so called their way of understanding Gods law ..
    I can totally say God is using Kathyryn krick, Benny Hinn mightily
    I dont see any wrong in calling ur spiritual father “papa” or “daddy” and regarding anointing the Kathyrn apostle there are different levels in spiritual world

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    He is talking to demons not insulting a woman.

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    John 1:10
    If anyone comes to your meeting and does not teach the truth about Christ, don’t invite that person into your home or give any kind of encouragement.

    Anyone who encourages such people becomes a partner in their evil work.

    Amen to that and again!!;!🕊️🕊️

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    Oh wow how creepy, people are drawn to her??? I did ask you an important question under the Chosen, video you did.. I actually just watched this channel on another subject ~ almost subscribed but I don't want too much information coming at me, I'm working my way back to where I once was, actually beyond that!! Oh that's why the shoe thing with the lady, I was wondering if it was an act. Wow 😳

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    That is indeed weird

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    Q o esprito dê inveja saí de vc ém nome de Jesus

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    Du är bara avundsjuk

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    The biggest gossipmonger in the church and adulterers fell down 'slain in the spirit.' I knew it was attention seeking and to make pastor seem super anointed. They do love their titles. Pride comes before the fall. I say, come out of them! Jesus Christ is my LORD.

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    She made an error and she corrected it. Stop trying to destroy, she is God's servant..

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    Kathryn crook a freaking false prophet

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    Warning others is fine. What I dislike about most of those expose vids is the manner of them. We should always do that in a loving way, not trying to judge someones‘s motives or ridiculing etc. The best video so far in my opinion is the one by T Sondergaard. I believe KK has been mislead. She is decieved. Let us pray for her. God has good plans for her!

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    You are a cult like man .She's a woman of God …watch the fruits of her ministry..lives have been transformed and call out to Jesus for salvation..stop judging ..just yourself or head to hell ..she's a daughter of God

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    10:23 – Oh man, if I were hearing that when I'm fall asleep, I'd be getting insane migraines, and would probably be both in need of some serious prayers and therapy 😂🤣

    Seriously, this is really creepy, and I've been cringing for the most of this video. I'm glad that more and more people have pointed out the utter falseness of this woman and her "daddy" (UGH!), but how on earth is the following still so massive? It's like the eyes of people only serve as a decoration rather than having the function to see what's blatantly obvious ….

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    You lost all my respect when you included Kenneth Haggin in your video .

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    những ai ma tôn vinh chúa giê su va nhân danh chúa giê su ma trư quỷ đêu thuôc vê chúa giê su đức chúa trơi sun chúa tha tôi cho chúng con trong dạh chúa giê su chitrs amen

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    so creepy and obviously not Christian.

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    Kathryn crook is obsessed with bubba daddy

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    Good job buddy geor Davie is a freaking false prophet

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    she's clearly unhinged

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    I appreciate how peaceful your tone is

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    The power of the Holy Spirit Jesus and angels can make you pass out before you even start praying
    It happens to me daily
    I go to pray and I sob and cry before it can even come out because of the power

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    ~ It is yours ~ In Jesus name
    You will receive power when my Holy Spirit comes upon you
    Acts 1:8

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    Honestly I love Kathryn Krick and I will say
    I go to church in South Africa and my pastor John Anosike on YouTube
    I have experienced much different demons in Africa than America
    They’re just different
    I see your perspective
    And I also have experienced the in person power of Jesus in church with Kathryn krick and my church in South Africa and I understand the power now
    Blessings and peace brother in Christ

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    When people fall back it’s when demons and diseases leave them
    I have experienced it and I’ve seen it happen many times
    When Jesus is doing surgery on someone
    And I have also seen people barf out their cancer as black tar
    And this also happened at Kathryn Krick conference
    I work as an exorcist with Jesus
    Much love

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    While you are making videos trying to convince the world that Apostle Kathryn is a false teacher,

    Thousands upon thousands of people are getting saved, healed and delivered from demonic bondage through her ministry.

    And I am one of those people.
    As I sat under her ministry I was healed of so many diseases that doctors told me that I would have for the rest of my life.

    After I helped at one of her events, God revealed to me that he healed me of over 20 years of herniated disc pain in my L4 L5 area. My marriage that was falling apart is now healed, its better than it has ever been.

    I been in the baptist religion all my life, I accepted Jesus as my savior is a child. I spent over 15 years recently in a Baptist ministry working at the church and school. All the while getting sicker and sicker, ended up in bed 20 hours of the day on tons of medications, diagnosed with all kinds of medical problems, and my marriage falling apart with no hope.

    Holy Spirit leads me to her ministry and within two and a half years as i faithfully sat under her ministry my whole life has been turned around. I've been set free healed and delivered from demons, all while I sat under her ministry

    I have a closer relationship with God than I have ever had in my entire life.

    And videos like these make me so sad because you are keeping people away from the true beauty of Jesus Christ and his power working through his vessels to bring healing and deliverance.

    God is so much better than what you believe about him.

    Look at the fruit of the ministry
    Open your spiritual eyes to the fruit of the ministry
    forget about all your judgmental ideas and thoughts
    look at the fruit
    a good tree cannot produce bad fruit and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

    People are getting healed from blindness, deafness, cancer, schizophrenia, bipolar,
    Depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal thoughts.

    I can't understand how people are so blind to all the beautiful work God is doing through her ministry.

    God is done too much in my life under Apostle Kathryns ministry and He continues to do wonderful works through me. This is the most beautiful ministry I've ever encountered in my entire life.

    What you call false teaching
    God is using to work His miracles through.

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    It’s sad how jealous some people are of others

  32. #32

    One thing that was a major red flag for me about these deliverance ministries, is that there is NEVER any mention about salvation and repentance. Apparently, every single problem in life is attributed to a specific demon that has to be cast out. (Even autism!)

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    I didn’t watch this video and not gonna, but I came to say that’s what’s more creepy is your obsession with AP Kathryn. I would attest that someone’s just mad they’re not getting the attention they crave? My suggestion to you is that you get off the internet, stop being so critical of what you don’t understand and humble yourself and perhaps people would start getting set free in your ministry as they are AP Kathryn’s. Be blessed.

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    So according Kirk nobody can know Jesus unless they know this dude is he the intercessor to Jesus according her

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    Is there even one church in America walking in all the truth? If ya ask me the church in America as a whole is a joke, not even real Christianity at all. Most Christians in America are no different than those who don't believe. We don't look like Christ at all. The church has no power whatsoever, and your average Christian has so little understanding of the Bible, and all these different denominations twist scripture to believe whatever they want to believe. No other explanations of why there are 44000 different Christian denominations around the world. I don't think Jesus would have a good word whatsoever for the church in America as a whole today. So, if you're going to blast Kathryn Krick ya better blast, for the most part, every other church in America. I don't think we know what it really means to be a Christian. I think Christians in this day should go read Foxe's book of martyrs and study the character of those Christians who were martyred hundreds of years ago, and ask themselves, "What did they have that we don't?"

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    She is beyond a mess. The Lord chastens those He loves, and yet she continues past rebukes and warnings. May He have mercy on her soul.

  37. #37

    . He never corrected her… The man is accepting this homage from krik. He is also an abomination accepting worship.

  38. #38

    mia quacko, it is yours
    mia quacko, it is yours

  39. #39

    Shes popular because people don't do their homework. I don't hold David Diga as the same as Katherine. David Diga has more sound teachings than this lady. He isnt calling Benny Hinn Daddy.

  40. #40

    False teachers…

  41. #41

    He probably gets a % of her money she gets from fleecing the flock.


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    In its simplest form: Krick is an extreme narcissist and dangerously insecure person, who has an unrelenting and laser focused drive for worldly recognition at the expense of everyone around her. In the absence of success in a brutal entertainment industry, she finally feathered a nest in the kind and often unquestioning world of the religion. She uses bastardized “Christianity” as a stage prop to elevate herself to idol status among her adoring and manipulated followers. Along with mood music, lighting, make-up, fashion, social media, cameras, a cult like cookbook,and poor actors she plucks the heartstrings of the naive and desperate. She continues to refine her carnival act and the ignorant feed her delusions and her pocket book. The only reason she claims to be an “Apostle” is because it’s quick fame and the only scam that she could make work. Her claim to be a vessel of divine power was her “Golden Ticket”. She is none of what she claims to be and can do nothing of what she claims she can. At best, she is certifiably mentally ill and at worst she is one of the agents of darkness written about in Scripture who preys on the weak.

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    Charismatic Pentecostalism is such a great religion! You rely on your feelings and own experience of how you perceive God or Gospel.

    You will experience signs and wonders that men and women of God will feed you. These anointed men and women are your prophets and apostles. On your own you would never see these miracles. This is why we have these anointed apostles like Baba vel. GeorDavie.
    I am surprised that Kathryn did not sing up to our own apostle David E. Taylor. He is wonderful man. He is able to perform more spectacular tricks and and all are believable.
    They will share with you their dreams and visions that came straight from God. Some of them actually saw God and spoke to him. To validate these events they will speak to you in tongues that nobody understands, including themselves, audience and God himself.

    So, some of you may wonder why I am writing this. Simple. This religion promises you wealth, health and really good time here on this earth.

    You do not have to do anything as far as changing your way of live, you just have to believe in what prophets or/and apostles tell you to do.

    And remember to love Jesus. And remember, your happiness on this lousy place on earth depends on your faith and its activation by sawing a seed to your favorite man of God.

    BTW, DO NOT bring actual seed, bring cash, checks or promissory note. Most places accept diamonds, gold and off-shore accounts. I am all in. Is there anything can go wrong? I don't think so. Hallelujah!

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    This is so disturbing. This teaching on spiritual fathers and mothers have gotten so out of the realm of what a biblical mentor should be and what influence they have in our lives that it has become cultish. We are not to bow to the holy angels much less other men or women. This is equal to idolatry.

  45. #45

    Matt. 7. [15] Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    Honestly, the sheep's clothing on these "church leaders" is looking more like wolves clothing day by day. This is terrible.

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